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Escape  by Bodkin 28 Review(s)
Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/30/2007
I read this earlier, but didn't have time to review!

You have some wonderful characters here, even though they're unnamed. The man - Isildur's heir, since he hails from Imladris and knows Elrond's sons so well; but he's not Aragorn or Halbarad. The elf captain - wonderful leadership, and I like the interaction with his patrol. And his brother receives the reports? There's the guardian as well.

Wonderful characterisations, Bodkin. I love this tale. Happy Birthday to Meckinock!


Author Reply: Characters open to interpretation, I'd say...

It was great fun to play with a small amount of culture class. Two strangers brought together by a mutual exasperation with a certain interfering wizard.

Thank you, Jay. Glad you liked it.

French PonyReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/29/2007
I liked that. I liked the tentative, prickly feeling between the Ranger and the Elves. They're allies, but they're still foreign to each other, and the sense of there being two distinct species in this story really shines through.

But the best line of all was this one: ‘Mithrandir,’ the elf pronounced, exasperated, ‘is far too good at manoeuvring all those around him into doing his bidding – whether they will or no.’

Ayup. That's Mithrandir to a tee, all right.

Author Reply: I love 'ayup' - it's such a ... lovely dialect word.

This Ranger is a bit wary of elven glamour - not sure of the fairy-dust. I think he would like the rather more dangerous Wood-elves.

And Mithrandir must have just driven all those dealing with him insane with irritation. Unless all they wanted was fireworks.

Thank you, FP.

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/29/2007
Now, that was entertaining!! Just plain fun to read!! :D I love that you let the reader decide who the Elf and Man might be. The conversations were so clever - downright hilarious in parts! Yet, insightful - as always. You write this sort of encounter story so very well.

But I really liked:

"Elves were udoubtedly arrogant - but those he knew had reason for their confidence, and, most likely, these were no different." Ha!

"... these elves were more... real. Closer to the things that matter to him. Less... perfect." You betcha! -More Dangerous-

I don't know how you get it so right, but you so do.

Happy Birthday to Meckinock!

Author Reply: Thank you, Redheredh. I'm flattered! It was fun to play with this - and I'm glad you liked the dangerous elves ... and the critical eye of the Ranger. I think all parties learned something about each other.

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/29/2007
I love the idea I've figured out who the man and the elf were, but I'm not going to tell you in order to preserve my self esteem. No matter who you had in mind, you did a wonderful job of putting two strong characters together and letting them play off one another.

The sons of Elrond would be proud their teachings had stuck. Not only did the ranger not jump when the elf whispered in his ear, but he didn't fall out of the tree either when he woke to a hand in his back. He managed to stay cool throughout his visit with the elves and to be entertained. Of course, the elf enjoyed the verbal joust with the man just as much.

I love how Mithrandir concealed his message. 'In his head.' Very inventive. That's one way to protect against your message falling into the wrong hands.

I trust the elf with the report-loving brother continued to entertain himself and annoy his father, and the man, with the captain who insisted he carry healing supplies, made it home, then, sadly, into the Grey Company.

Delightful, Bodkin. Just delightful.

Author Reply: That's just it! The identities are who you want them to be!

The Rangers used to fighting with the bookend brothers - I can't remember if it was here, but I was longing to use that reference somewhere - must have a definite edge on most men when it comes to dealing with elves. And that edge probably does quite a lot to raise this particular Ranger in the eyes of these particular elves.

Cunning plan for conveying the message ... one that got me out of having to think of a message, too. And I can't see Mithrandir being too open-mouthed. With anyone!

Oh yes. More fun for the elf and man, dealing with their respective kin. Just a shame they weren't able to meet again after the worst was over.

Thank you, Karen.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/28/2007
Wonderful! I think I probably jumped as much as the Ranger when the elf found him. I would have certainly fallen out of the tree. ;-) The fact that he did not and that he restrained himself from pulling a weapon shows he a very experienced warrior. I love how his Sindarin and knowledge of healing throw the elves a bit (funny accent indeed! -- poor Legolas, I'm sure he got the other end of that stick himself, but I admit, I love playing with the language differences myself). And I loved the manner of delivering the message to Radagast! I love the wizards. Mithrandir does not even appear here, but he is still such a presence. And of course I love the hawk! :-) This was a great story, Bodkin! And Happy Birthday to Meckinock!

Author Reply: I don't think I could have been in the tree in the first place - although, maybe if a bunch of orcs were after me ...

And the Ranger has spent enough time playing with elves to know when aggression is not a good plan. I suspect his subconscious recognised elf before he was alert enough to decide it - you can't sleep too deeply when a) in a tree, b) being chased by orcs or c) on unknown territory.

The delight of that method of sending a message meant that I didn't have to know what it was, either! And the hawk was just a perfect way to ensure that the messenger and the elven patrol remained in the dark.

Thank you, elliska. I'm glad you liked it. Sorry I've taken so long to reply.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/28/2007
Yes, like calls to like here as Dunedain Ranger and Elven ranger meet and compare notes without speaking directly to the matter.

Love this look at Halbarad amongst the unidentified Elven patrol.

Author Reply: Sometimes similarities overcome differences - and we do have people here who share the same intent. Which does a lot to create alliances! Thank you, Larner. I'm glad you liked it.

Beruthiels CatReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/28/2007
Intriguing! Very curious as to the identities of the parties involved...


Author Reply: Thank you, BC. As to the identities - well, it's a bit eye-of-the-beholder-ish. Could be ... lots of people. But Meckinock's preferences were taken into account in the intention. Sort of.

GwynhyffarReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/28/2007
Wonderful, Bodkin! I was laughing at parts and thinking 'what a clever elf you are!' in other parts. When it became obvious that it was Eilian and the brother was Ithilden... all the better! Two favourite parts:

‘Reports,’ the man said in disgust. ‘They give an occupation to those who are reluctant to take the risks involved in being where it counts.’

‘I will be sure to tell my brother your feelings on the matter.’ The elf kept his face completely impassive, but the man could not miss the spark of amusement in his eyes. ‘I am sure he will appreciate the message.’

... I bet he did too. hahaha

The reluctant healer glanced reproachfully in his leader’s direction, but came to help the man to his feet. ‘She will be skittish,’ he said. ‘She does not like men.’

‘Has she ever met one?’ the man asked.

The elf sighed as he offered the man his hand to help him mount. ‘She has now,’ he said. ‘She is unimpressed.’

This one had me rolling. Too funny. I love how you put words together. I know I've said that before, but I am saying it again. :) Great story! and Happy Birthday to Meckinock!

Author Reply: It was great fun leaving the characters nameless - and their identities ... shall we say ... open to interpretation!

Some stories seem to flow and write themselves quite easily - and this was one of them! I'm glad you liked it, Gwynhyffar.

InklingReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/28/2007
I liked the verbal sparring between man and elves…the mutual suspicion and wariness giving way to grudging respect and even something like affection, with the common bond of warriors overriding the inter-species tension. Nicely done, Bodkin!

Author Reply: Thank you, Inkling. It was fun to write - and I enjoyed keeping the characters nameless. The man did well to establish himself among the Wood-elves - and they accepted him better than he might have expected. They did recognise a commonalty of purpose, I think. And a shared frustration with the wiles of wizards!! I'm glad you liked it.

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/27/2007
Oh, Bodkin, this is wonderful! I can't stop laughing about the brother who insists on keeping his paperwork in order. Wonder who that could be?

I love the mystery in this story; how you drop bread crumbs for us to follow, but we're never told exactly who the man is, or the elves. It's so fun to imagine I know; much more fun, in fact, than if you had just come out and told us. Some things are better left unsaid. One thing is sure, though - this man is brave. And loyal. And knows his bugs :-)

Oh, and he definitely has better nerves than I do. I'd have jumped twenty feet straight up if I'd been sitting in a tree hiding from orcs and suddenly felt a hand on my back.

‘Mithrandir may be a lot of things,’ he said, ‘but he is not going to commit to paper anything that might offer assistance to his enemies.’


I was glad this unnamed Ranger had a good time with the unnamed Elves. This was a wonderful treat, Bodkin. Thank you!

Author Reply: A pleasure, meckinock! I hope you have a great birthday. It was rather fun leaving virtually everyone anonymous for the reader to identify. And I wonder who likes to have his paperwork in order!

I actually wrote this before (I think) you started mentioning those rather grotesque cicadas - so the appearance of the caterpillar is a co-incidence. But clearly insects are an appropriate addition to a tale of Rangers and Elves!

I don't think I'd have managed to stay in the tree if an elf suddenly appeared. But, perhaps, he had already subconsciously realised the scent was elf rather than anything more dangerous.

The Ranger coped pretty well among the Wood-elves. But he would, though, wouldn't he!! A man with strong nerves. And a distaste for fairy dust.

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