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Escape  by Bodkin 28 Review(s)
CesReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/5/2008
What a great story! I can imagine Mithrandir must irritate men and elves to a high degree sometimes!

Good rapport between the man and elf. I do think they could have been friends.


meckinockReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/3/2008
Bodkin, I didn't get involved in the MEFAs this year but I just saw the MEFA results and I was happy to see so many of your stories recognized; especially this one - it's one of my favorites. I just love that bug-hating Ranger up in the tree :-)

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/3/2007
Can I say I just reread this story and still love it?

Author Reply: Thank you, daw.

I am so behind on replying to reviews. I'm being totally useless at the moment.

ziggyReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/12/2007
Great stuff- hope you pick this up and see how much pleasure you have given.

Why havent I read this before!!!! I am hopeless. I so enjoyed the detialed and beautifully controlled writing- you do dialogue really well as well as desriptions. The shared irritation they have of Mithrandir is wonderful - builds a real bond, And he is irritating isnt he!

I love the comment about the daughter would rather have her father return- shows another shared expereince that the Ranger appreciates- yes, he prefers the woodelves more earthy understanding of the world than all that floaty Imladris stuff.I get the feeling he really relates well to the elf captain (reminds me of Daw's Eilian - and I know you will see that is a compliment - and a reference to Ithilden - although he isnt quite Eilian and is comfortably unidentified- it works.) You get the feel that these elves are a real patrol in a real war- the guardian watching is such a light touch but so effective.

I know it wouldn't work as well but the sense that there could have been a Beautiful Friendship there is strongly evident and all the more poignant becasue it doesnt happen.

Author Reply: This was tremendous fun to write - sometimes, I find, the relationships just work and the conversation flows.

I think these two could have been good friends - they understand the pressures they are under and have a common enemy. And a shared irritation in the mystical Mithrandir! But I doubt they'll ever meet again.

Thank you, Ziggy. I'm glad you liked it. And I'm sorry that I'm being so bad about replying at the moment. (Too much of a distraction from the workload, I'm afraid.)

perellethReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/25/2007
I´m so behind things! BUt this was mightily hilarious despite the seriousness of the matter. It is a pleasure that a wounded, sarcastic Ranger meets his match amidst a forest! I chuckled all the way at the witty exchanges bt also at the physical interactions. Very very amusing. I needed that.

Author Reply: Thanks, perelleth. I'm glad you liked it - and it was huge fun to put these characters together. I think they could have been friends, but I doubt they ever met again, really. Shame, that!

ShimmeringWaterReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/18/2007
Well written piece. I loved the caterpillar part.

Author Reply: Thank you, ShimmeringWater. I even looked up caterpillars so I would know what type it was and its preferred habitat. The research you do when you're writing - I've learned some fascinating things over the years!

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/17/2007
Oh, I remember reading this when it first came out and giggling at the prickliness between the Dunadan and the elf! LOL I really liked the interaction between these two - starting with that surprise awakening in the tree! Glad the Ranger was possessed of nerves of steel and a sense of balance!

I was also intrigued by the identities of these two - the Ranger could possibly have been Halbarad (sounded familiar...his concern for his 'Captain', a daughter at home, the fondness for the horse known since foaling, the mention of partings, etc...yep, sounded a lot like meckinock's Halbarad).

As for the elf...well...he reminded me a lot of Eilian, what with the report-minded brother at home and in charge...also the dark hair...not as certain about that, but the thought was VERY nice! LOL

I enjoyed reading this from the Ranger's pov, too, as he notices the similarities between his lot in life and the elven warriors. Radagast was great, as usual. I really like the Brown...think he got a bum rap! Simple doesn't necessarily = useless. The elf's disgust at the fact that the message was all in the Ranger's head (put there to be retrieved by Radagast) was hilarious! :-) And the Ranger was right, these elves did seem more 'real' - especially the horse who remains unimpressed with men! LOL Just a great glimpse, Bodkin, at a meeting between reluctant allies, who are slowly realizing that continuing contact just might possibly lead to *gasp* friendship! ;-)


Author Reply: This was great fun to write - one of those that flows quite easily. And I couldn't possibly comment on your character identifications!! But the Ranger has definitely been well-trained when it comes to dealing with strong-willed elves - and is the sort of man who feels more of an affinity to the realities of Wood-elf life than he does to the fairy dust beauty of Imladris.

I was pleased at the way the message was sent - especially as it saved me from having to know what it was.

It's a shame these people are unlikely to meet again. I think they could have been good friends.

Thank you, Linda. Glad you liked it.

DotReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/10/2007
Catching up…

I loved this. Though you’re getting mighty fond of making us guess the characters!

The opening is gorgeous, with the caterpillar creeping along minding its own business. And I really like the man’s voice. He’s clearly used to the activities of orcs (not to mention being in a tight spot or two) and I love his grudging admiration of their dedication, despite being stuck in a tree over their heads. But the fact that it was more resignation and resentment rather than fear that he felt really stood out.

I nearly fell out of my seat when he nearly fell out of the tree. Boy was I relieved to discover it was an elf! Albeit a rather disapproving elf.

I loved the bit with him walking from branch to branch, impressing the elves while busy trying not to fall. And he’s so at ease around them. I get the impression that they’re not so fond of his familiarity and yet can’t quite help responding to it. Is it wrong that I was hoping for a diversion to face less amiable enquiries? Oh well…

I’m chuckling at the mutual exasperation at Mithrandir. Why, you’d almost think he had a reputation ;-) It’s all very intriguing, though.

I really enjoyed the back and forth conversation. I’m always so blown away by your descriptions that I forget to mention how well you write dialogue. It’s a very nice moment in the middle of it when the elf suggests that the man’s daughter might miss her Adar more than she’d mourn the loss of the horse. Though I rather suspect said daughter might be used to her Adar being missing.

I also like the man’s observations about the patrol – he notices the elf keeping watch and how the others trust that elf completely, how the scouts were sent on ahead, how the captain interacts with the patrol. And, of course, how he himself feels he has more in common with these elves than the ones in Imladris, despite having just met them. I can see why he’d feel that way – they’re out doing what they can to protect their home and those they love, bound together by loyalty and common purpose.

‘She has now,’ he said. ‘She is unimpressed.’ LOL!! Priceless. I love these elves.

‘Reports,’ the man said in disgust. ‘They give an occupation to those who are reluctant to take the risks involved in being where it counts.’ ‘I will be sure to tell my brother your feelings on the matter.’ ROTFL! Why do I think this elf and the man share the opinion on reports, though the brother undoubtedly doesn’t?

I just love the wizard’s glade, with its inhabitants clearly safe and content. And I’m sure the man can appreciate Radagast’s choice to protect the “disregarded.”

‘In your head?’ the elf said indignantly as they stepped back. Yeah, that was my reaction too! So clever.

My favourite part of the whole thing? The hawk taking the message to Thranduil. Oh, fantastic.

And the ending is perfect. The farewell between these two, who met by chance and discovered similarities and maybe the seed of friendship, was quite touching. I enjoyed so much watching them grow comfortable enough that they irritated and teased one another :-) You know, I really like this arrogant elf with a sense of mischief and a big heart and the man who believes wholeheartedly in duty and loyalty to his captain but who knows how important home and the people there are too…

Wonderful, Bodkin.

Author Reply: Well - it's such fun to have people guess. And interesting to see what they think, too. And, do you know, I actually googled caterpillars and their habits, just so there was a smidgeon of accuracy to that part!

This Ranger is - shall we say - experienced. And a tad cynical. But not foolish enough to fail to realise just how dangerous elves can be ... Although, perhaps, he wasn't aware quite how they were viewing him. The Mirkwood elves don't interact much with men and I doubt that they see their more Numenorean side much.

Mind you, there's nothing like a shared viewpoint to build a bond. And Mithrandir could be very irritating, I should think. Very.

Yes, Rangers' kids are real Services children. Having their fathers around must be rarer than hen's teeth. But the daughter would doubtless rather have her father return than the horse.

This is a very experienced patrol. Used to very difficult surroundings - and I reckon they would take little direction. Especially when under the command of a Captain for whom they have so much respect. And sometimes, in writing stories, it is difficult to keep in mind that this isn't a Sunday school picnic - they are in a war zone.

The message in the head pleased me no end - as I then didn't have to worry about what it was ... And Radagast told Thranduil, so these two had more common ground in being kept ignorant.

One of those meetings where two people who could be good for each other meet briefly ... become friends ... and know they will never see each other again.

Thank you, Dot. I'm glad you liked it.

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/3/2007
Nice job showing the differences between elves and the man... I am assuming Halbarad and Rumil, perhaps, and indeed, they had more in common than in difference! I do hope Radagast has some of his friends give the man a lift home!

Author Reply: Characters ... whoever you want. Although, bearing in mind meckinock's tastes ...

I hope he gets home without having to walk all the way, too. But trying to fit that into the end just complicated matters too much. I'm sure he managed, though. I thought of sending him to Beorn for help - but it seemed better in the end to leave him to sort out his own travel plans.

Thank you, Nilmandra.

grumpyReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/31/2007
Great story of the meeting of the Ranger{my guess Halbarad) and the elves of Mirkwood. I loved seeing who could outwit each other. Loved Mithrandir being called high-handed. The whole story was wonderful.

Author Reply: I can just imagine all and sundry being brought to agreement by a common irritation with a certain grey-clad know-it-all.

It was fun to put these people together - shame they didn't get to meet again later on and ... exchange views ... on how it all ended up.

Thank you, grumpy. Glad you enjoyed it.

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