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Changes  by Bodkin 20 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/24/2007
Oh, how wonderful to see something from you, Bodkin!

Quite a difference--this friendship from that he knew with Gimli; but I have the feeling this Turgon would have gotten along well with the irascible Dwarf! Heh! And perhaps even better with a certain Took, or perhaps Frodo himself!

The tree clad in butterflies is marvelous--another image that will stay with me forever now, and, oh, so right for this place.

And am so glad Legolas does have this friendship to help him with his own healing. Thanks so very much!

Author Reply: Thank you, Larner. I've been taking a bit of a break to wallow in Hogwarts - and tedious paperwork - and now I'm beginning to feel a bit swamped by being so behind!

I reckon Legolas needs to be reminded of his youth - and his species - now. Gimli is his last real link with Middle-earth and the Quest. If he is to cope with life in the Blessed Realm, he needs to readjust. Turgon would have loved to know Gimli - and had tremendous fun with the Hobbits. He's a true Wood elf and full of mischief.

I've seen pictures of the butterflies - and I can just see Legolas and Turgon following them to see where they come from. They would both enjoy exploring the beauty and safety of the Blessed Realm.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/23/2007
You really do not want to hear Lord Námo’s reaction to your antics should you trouble him again
Somehow I can hear this in my head, perfectly clearly, and see the wry twist to the speaker's mouth.

He could not imagine how it would be never to have known those desperate times. Alas, poor Legolas! And then a few lines later, I might say the same for Turgon, except for this: but one who had faced judgement, grown into an understanding of his own failings and been restored to live the life that should always have been his And then I get an inkling of Turgon's role, and one reason, perhaps, why he might have been sent back, not only to live out the balance of a life cut short, but provide needed healing for an old friend?

And then I have confirmation. He had forgotten the immediate, unthinking generosity that was so much a part of Turgon – a quality that even Thranduil had felt made up for some of the more hair-raising aspects of his friend’s character. A young hand closed over the silvered scar that curved across Legolas’s forearm. ‘Of course I will,’ Turgon promised.

I love your description of Gimli, even in retrospect.

I am not sure about this; I read on, hoping for emerging clarity:
testing out the seed of a suspicion that had been sending out rootlets in his heart, ...unless it has something to do with that other level of understanding, which has to do with judgment and restoration.

I am a little confused, for I didn't realise that Elves aged. I've always thought of them as ageless, somehow. I can certainly sympathise with Turgon's mum, however. I could not imagine, nowadays, getting up two or three times in the night to nurse a newborn... and when I'm older I might not be quite so spry, to play with little ones.

But what a concept, to contemplate minding your best friend. OTOH, for your parents no longer to fear (as much) that your best friend will lead you astray... And imagine! "If it were the sort of thing you could say to a Vala" as if conversation with a Vala were nothing to wonder at!

Have at last reached the end, only minimally interrupted this time, and I think Legolas has perhaps reached the right conclusion. I think that Turgon's return was very carefully timed, indeed.

(Ah, how wonderful it has been to have reading time! I hope that there will still be a few weeks left this summer where I can continue to read... I went looking at Daw's works and am hooked, I think.)

Author Reply: Elves do age - not physically, particularly - but mentally, definitely. It's a slow process, but no-one can live through several thousand years of life and not mature and develop. Childbearing is a phase of their lives - or they could carrying on having children indefinitely. Once they have their family complete, they move on to other things - and Turgon was an actual child some ... 700 years or so before. His mother has grown accustomed to another phase of her life.

I think it will do Legolas good to be reminded of his youth - even if he will feel the need to do a bit of semi-parenting for Turgon. And Turgon will benefit from having a friend who is past adolescent competitiveness. Legolas could see as a youngster himself that Turgon's family situation was not good - and now he can do something about it.

I really should try to write a bit more Gimli. There isn't enough about him - and he's nearly always a minor character.

Thank you, Lindelea. I'm glad you're getting more reading time - and you can't do better than get hooked on Daw's Mirkwood.

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/22/2007
This was a lovely continuation of THOAF.

"...testing out the seed of a suspicion that had been sending out rootlets in his heart..." This was only one of your only beautiful descriptions that really caught the feelings of a character. But, it was the one that made me instantly envious of your generous muse. ;)

Almost any older woman can sympathise, at some level, with Mirdaniel's reaction to having the responsibility of raising a child at her 'age'. Bringing in the memory of Eowyn feeling the same way was nicely done.

The green butterflies were brilliant. On so many levels.

Legolas' conclusions were perhaps a rationalization of a spiritual mystery about being reborn that cannot be understood by mere elves. Sorta like the migration of the butterflies that come and go without anyone understanding the whys or wherefores. They simply come and change an acute observer forever - hopefully for the better.

Lovely gift.

Many Happy Returns, Daw!

Author Reply: Thank you, Redheredh. The whole age/immortality/returned-to-life bit - it makes you catch your breath every now and then. Can you imagine waiting a thousand years or more and having a small child returned to your care? Or sailing to find that your long-lost child has been reared by others? I'm not surprised that Mirdaniel is overwhelmed by the responsibility. Of course, she was a pretty poor specimen of motherhood to start with.

Eowyn's loss of a child - just formed itself. As these things often do. And then spun up a whole picture to go with it.

I'm glad you liked the butterflies. I have a feeling I've used them before, although I can't remember where.

I rather like not trying to give answers to a lot of the more mysterious elements of the Blessed Realm. After all - people spend their lives seeking answers for one thing or another, but, in the end, you have to take it on trust. Or not.

I'm glad you liked it.

ArmarielReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/21/2007
I know I've encountered Turgon before, but can't think where. He's a cutie pie;) but who is Ithilden? It was nice to see Leggi again also!

Author Reply: Turgon is Daw's. And his return featured in the story she wrote me last year. Ithilden is Legolas's oldest brother in her world - and Eilian is the middle brother. They're a gorgeous family - I love them all.

I'm glad you liked visiting with Legolas. Thank you, Armariel. Apologies for my recent terrible reviewing record!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/21/2007
Bodkin, thank you so much! I love Turgon, and you've captured him just right. It's interesting to see how his determination not to look back is a help to Legolas. His time in the Halls of Waiting has shaped him. Despite his youth, he's seen things Legolas never has. So Elowyn says Namo should have held on to Turgon a little longer, but perhaps his parents and Legolas need him.

You need direction, Turgon

LOL. Doesn't he just? And yet, what direction is even possible in this world?

I felt so sad for poor Mirdaniel. I understand her fierce love but also her dismay at what looks like an overwhelming task when she's barely scraping along. Of course, she was barely scraping along at the best of times.

The reed basket and the fishing line were there, together with several gleaming silver fish, but Turgon, of course, was not.

LOL. Of course. One of the migration paths of the Monarch butterflies goes right through where I live. They've been all over the place in the last few weeks.

Great story, Bodkin. Thank you.

Author Reply: I think Turgon will have grown up and beyond the once-born in some very unexpected ways. Lost his resentment, I think, too, and learned to accept what was. I think his parents could perhaps have done with a bit of a chance to settle - but they would never have been ready, really. They're not like that, are they? And Legolas needed what Turgon can offer him now. He's probably the reason that Namo released the ellon.

I can see Turgon becoming an explorer, I think. There's so much to see and discover - and then, of course, the Greenwood elves will end up seeking their own forest, much as Oropher did ... Looking for the wonder of the new and untouched - open to new experience. It would suit Turgon. And Legolas, too, perhaps.

Mirdaniel will deal with the difficulties by ignoring them, I expect, and letting others take up the slack - but just thinking of living long enough to be a great grandmother and then having a teenage boy landed on you. Especially one whom distance would have romanticised.

I've seen the butterflies on film. And David Attenborough has, of course, displayed their beauty.

Happy birthday and many of them, Daw. I'm glad you liked it.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/21/2007
I shall have to wait until bed-time to read this, I think, or get up very early, as I have been interrupted several times in the reading...

...but am interested enough to ask, where can I find more of Turgon's story?


Author Reply: Turgon is a character in the (chronologically) earlier works of Daw, who died when he and Legolas were about 40 - 16 in human equivalent). She wrote about his return from the Halls of Mandos in The Help of a Friend, which was the birthday story she wrote for me last year. Daw has some gorgeous stories of their elfling years - and their more turbulent adolescence.

I hope you manage to find some time - interrupted reading is very frustrating!

BlaiseReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/21/2007
What a wonderful slice of Legolas life across the sea. Turgon always made life interesting and it is probably the best thing right now for Legolas to have someone to instill that live in the moment and appreciate the simple things life offers. I also like the implied mentions of Tuilinn. She must be in Legolas' thoughts; another point of anxiety and unrest. I can truly understand Turgon's mom's problem; imagine having a adolescent to watch over again thousands of years later; talk about shock to the system. Thanks for adding this wonderful addition to Daw's world. It actually came with perfect timing as I just spent the last week or so re-reading all her stories in chronological order.

Author Reply: Legolas needs the challenge, really. Maybe Turgon has been returned at this point more for his friend's benefit than for his parents'. He could do with a friend - and Turgon will take his mind off his losses and keep him busy.

At least Legolas knows Tuilinn will be back - that'd be a sight to see. He's seen enough returned elves to know the promise is true.

Having to go back to parenting a very difficult adolescent after the best part of a millennium - what a fate! Although I expect Turgon's mother will ignore the problems much as before.

Thank you, Blaise. I'm glad you liked it. I love Daw's world.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/21/2007
This is delightful and insightful: indeed, what *would* it be like, to be an adult and long responsible, to be suddenly reunited with a friend from childhood who had never grown up? It's just the kind of question fanfic is perfect for answering, or at least exploring.

Turgon remains delightfully himself, impulsive and irrepressible, and now it is easy to see how he is his parents' child. And now that Legolas is grown, he can allow himself to enjoy his friend's finer points without the constant worry of getting in trouble with his Adar, LOL!

This will be good for the both of them.

Author Reply: The more you think about the idea of elves returning from the Halls to take their places among their families, the more complex (and possibly less desirable) it becomes. Even elves change, given enough years, and it must be hard to make the accommodations necessary. And there are no answers. Which is definitely a good thing - and makes exploring much more fun.

Turgon is a fun character - provided you're not in the business of providing the discipline. And Legolas can take over from his father! In a way.

ElflingimpReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/21/2007
That was simply lovely!

Author Reply: Thank you, Elflingimp. I'm glad you liked it!

perellethReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/21/2007
How good! I did not remember the previous one so I went to re read it! but of course Turgon's release and his growing up in the Blessed Realm surely was a very much needed headache for everyone! It is wonderful the contrast between the young eager, renewed reborn and the old and weighed-down-by-memories warrior that is still more looking back than anything.

And of course, Turgon's release must have ahd to do not only with his being ready but with the distractions needed by all those who had known him..Although I cannot help picturing Ithilden's desperate groan after he learned that Turgon was again around, and in growing age!

Happy Birthday, daw!

Author Reply: The more you think of the return of those who have passed through the Halls of Mandos, the more complicated it all seems to become! I really felt for his mother - it's one thing longing for the return of 'temps perdu' and quite another having the past landed on your lap! Of course she's dippy enough to cope by ignoring it all.

Ithilden'll enjoy Turgon's return .... Maybe. Or at least he won't have to keep him safe from orcs and spiders and dwarves. And he can console himself with the knowledge that the Sinnarn who returns will be adult - and Emmelin's problem!

Thank you, perelleth.

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