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Left Behind  by Bodkin 12 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/22/2008
Yes, she will survive as is needed.

To have that kind of awareness would be very difficult. But at least she does not have to wait until the reduced army returns to learn.

Very poignant, Bodkin.

Author Reply: I do find it interesting to look at events from the other side - and, of course, from the female point of view! Elven life - and marriage - is so long that its ending must be shattering. Oropher and Idherien had been married over two ages ...

But she will survive - because Oropher would have wanted her to, and her son and her people needed her.

Thank you, Larner. I'm being so bad about replying these days!

illereynReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/22/2008
Hey Bodkin!

This si a really powerful story, and the transition between overwhelmed grief and (still overwhelmed) determination is very skilfully done! I really liked seeing a lot more of Laerwen - and learning why Oropher talks of his wife being stronger than he is.

Is this story in line with the one where Oropher returns but is certain that his wife would not? If it is, then it makes the story very bittersweet - though one does wonder why she doesn't go to Mandos, in the end.

Author Reply: Thank you, illereyn. I'm glad you liked it.

Laerwen is more of a Wood-elf than Thranduil, who has Sindar roots, and closer to the forest, I think. And anyone who would take on Oropher would have to be strong!

In the story where Oropher returned, I was avoiding the issue of his wife! She became a rounded person - and named, which it the worst thing to work out - later. She and Oropher just haven't come back together yet, but they will. I like happy endings.

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