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At Hope's Edge  by Cairistiona 11 Review(s)
EllynnReviewed Chapter: 9 on 8/24/2010
"You drove this wraith off much like Glorfindel drove off the Witch King."
Erm, what exactly are you refering to? I remember there was some conflict with Witch king earlier in the Third Age, but I don't remember Glorfindel had torches... *unsure* Or do you mean "drove off" generally, without speaking of the way how to do it?

And I knew someone would mention how thick Halbarad's head was! *lol*

Author Reply: Aragorn's speaking in generalities here as far as the specifics of how Glorfindel drove off the Witch-king, which, as far as I can research, isn't given in detail (or if it is, I've lost track of where to find it!). Aragorn's statement has a twofold meaning: first, he is giving Halbarad a compliment, elevating him to Glorfindel's exalted company as one who drove off a Wraith. But secondly, and more importantly, I want to leave the idea that Aragorn has learned, by Halbarad's actions, that fire will drive off a wraith. And it is that detail that connects this story to canon, specifically to Weathertop and Frodo's "glimpse of Strider leaping out of the darkness with a flaming brand of wood in either hand", as it appears in "A Knife in the Dark" in "The Fellowship of the Ring". I wanted to use this scene as a way of showing one way in which Aragorn might have learned that fire can drive away a wraith.

Hope that helps!

DreamdeerReviewed Chapter: 9 on 8/4/2009
The banter and teasing that seemed so lighthearted before now becomes a lifesaver thrown out into Aragorn's black ocean. Jesting on the edge of such profound anxiety takes a particular kind of courage, and this comes through powerfully in the story.

Author Reply: Thank you again, Dreamdeer... having come from a family who handles grief and stress with humor, I know firsthand the relief and the strength that can come from that sort of "therapy". Not that my Rangers are cognizant of using humor as therapy of course, but it's part of the bond that holds them together--and yes, it sort of tosses a life ring to Aragorn as he struggles against the lingering effects of the Black Breath. Thanks again for another lovely review!

Minerva OrganaReviewed Chapter: 9 on 3/23/2009
Oh, Aragorn... *wants to hug*. He needs to get to Rivendell soon and have Elrond tell him to stop blaming himself. Although I suppose if it were that easy there would be no story, would there? And then I would be sad.

I really enjoyed this chapter, a lovely interlude. I adore the interactions between Halbarad and Aragorn...and Denlad's account of Halbarad fighting the Nazgul was amazing. =D

Author Reply: Thank you, Minerva! I'm glad you liked this chapter... yes, lots of personal moments between the three in this, and you're definitely right in that there wouldn't be a story if Aragorn had simply said, "Okay, let's go to Rivendell; I don't really feel well after all." *grin* Thanks again for the review!

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 9 on 2/9/2009
Another outstanding chapter.I just love the way Halbarad and Denlad care for Aragorn.It is rare to see our hero so frail.He does need to go to Rivendell.I love the idea that a situation like this was how Aragorn knew what to do in LOTR.

Author Reply: Thank you, Linda! I'm so glad you liked this chapter, and yes, it is rare to see Aragorn in this light, which is fortunate for Middle-earth. And while I do think that Aragorn had teaching, as young man and child in Rivendell, I imagine a lot of the practical lessons he learned as a grown man and as chieftain and all his errantries as Thorongil probably contributed as much if not more to his becoming Elven-wise. Like the title of this chapter, I'm trying to piece together some of those missing elements in his back story, to see how he might have come up with some of the things Tolkien actually gave us in detail. Thanks again for the review!

Silivren TinuReviewed Chapter: 9 on 2/7/2009
It seems Aragorn is definitely not out of the woods yet. *eyes ranger worriedly* Bringing him to Imladris sounds like a really good idea to me, though I can understand that poor Aragorn doesn't really feel up to travelling right now.

I loved that you gave Denlad the chance to recount Halbarad's heroic deeds. After all he has done and risked, Halbarad really deserves some limelight (though he's likely still blushing *g*).

//"So it was fire or my bare hands. Fire seemed more of a threat."// For my part, I'm really glad he chose fire! I'm quite sure Halbarad would have attacked that Nazgul even if he had had to do it with his bare hands, and that image makes me more than a little bit nervous. ;-)

Halbarad really is a wonderful mother hen. *g* It seems he really has his work cut out for him, where Aragorn's self-doubts are concerned. Another chapter I thoroughly enjoyed! (And of course I'm already looking forward to the next one ;-)


Author Reply: Thank you, Almut! I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter. Yes, Aragorn is far from out of the woods but he'll get some rest for a while, anyway. And I had the same thought, that Halbarad needed his moment in the sun. :) The idea of him attacking the Nazgul with his bare hands is definitely one that makes the palms sweat, I agree. I hate to think how that would have turned out. Thanks again for the review!

inzilbethReviewed Chapter: 9 on 2/6/2009
I do so enjoy your Halbarad and Aragorn chapters and this one is no exception. The Dunedain must have spent so many years worrying about Aragorn when he was abroad that it must have been very tempting to try and wrap him in cotton wool when he at last returned to them. Halbarad is right to be to concerned though he of course had little knowledge of the BB.

Another great chapter.

Author Reply: Thank you, Inzilbeth! Yes, I'm sure they did have a tendency to want to coddle Aragorn and protect him, since he had no heir as yet, and of course, no chance at it unless he succeeded at becoming king. Talk about operating without a net... I'm sure that weighed heavily on Halbarad's mind. As always, thank you for the review!

CalenlassReviewed Chapter: 9 on 2/6/2009
(Leaving a review before I head in for more sleep)

A nice "interlude." So you're going to let Aragorn recover before heaping more on his dish, yes? :)

Too many things that I loved about this chapter, so all I'll say is that this was a wonderful read.

Take care!


Author Reply: hee hee... you know me far too well. Yes, a bit of a breather for Aragorn & Co. before ... well, you'll find out in upcoming chapters. But for now, a bit of life on the farm ahead. ;)

Thanks for the review, and get some good sleep!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 9 on 2/6/2009
The uncertainty planted by the Nazgul's malice will take time to defeat, evidently.

Nicely done.

Author Reply: Thank you, Larner! I definitely wanted to create a scenario showing that it will take time to overcome the BB, so I'm glad you mentioned that. Glad you liked the chapter and thanks for the kind review.

MP brennanReviewed Chapter: 9 on 2/5/2009
I can't even tell you how much I loved this chapter. It was just the interlude we needed to catch our breath, but still held some angst of its own. I particularly loved the moment towards the beginning where Aragorn is fighting to keep from falling under the Black Breath again. I've always seen the BB as symbolizing depression and other illnesses, just externalized and much more dramatic. This piece fits very well with that reading; you show how even after "recovery" he continues to struggle with it. Kudos for bringing a new and deeper dimension to the BB! Great work overall. This is a transition chapter, and those can be hard to write, but you did it seamlessly. I'm left satisfied with what's happened so far and anxious to see what happens next.
So write fast, kay?

Author Reply: Thank you, Brennan! I'm glad you're enjoying my take on the BB... I've always thought it could have some lingering effects and that's definitely what I'm exploring here. That, and the lingering effects of the other traumatic things Aragorn's going through. The BB is just one element of a host of issues confronting our poor Ranger. And yes, we've entered a bit of an interlude here. Gotta give the men and Aragorn some time to recover. :) Thanks again for the review! RL (which has gotten quite complicated of late) not interfering, next chapter should go up in a week.

EstelcontarReviewed Chapter: 9 on 2/5/2009
What else can I say but repeat what I've said for the last chapter. Halbarad does indeed know Aragorn's mind inside and out, doesn't he? Aragorn is very lucky indeed he has such a loyal kinsman and friend.

And the ending is perfect. They are indeed two peas from the same pod.

Author Reply: Thank you, Estelcontar... those two are very well-matched, which makes for a good friendship, if not a little friction now and then. :) Thanks again for the review and glad you enjoyed this chapter.

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