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At Hope's Edge  by Cairistiona 13 Review(s)
FantasiaReviewed Chapter: 14 on 3/5/2009
God! can I smack Aragorn? he will havea breakdown and it will be worse...He is not help at all if he keep pushing himself...Men!!

Glad to see the twins and Glorfindel, they will help, I hope...

Oh, Deland is priceless and it seems that love is in theair...

Author Reply: Thank you, Fantasia! I'm with you in wanting to smack Aragorn, as is Halbarad, I'm sure! He is being impossible, isn't he?? And I'm so glad you like Denlad. I was so hoping people would respond well to him and it seems they are, so I'm very relieved, because I definitely have a huge fondness for him myself. Thanks again for the review!

Raksha The DemonReviewed Chapter: 14 on 3/5/2009
Forget Aragorn & Arwen - Aragorn & Halbarad make for a great couple here! (though not in any slashy sense) And it's a good thing; since I fear Aragorn is heading for a nervous breakdown. Don't know if he'll succumb, but the pressures on him, to be the bearer of hope when all grows more and more hopeless, is immense. It's similar to the situation that ensnared and destroyed Denethor, though the pressure isn't quite up to that level (Sauron's forces haven't yet penetrated Imladris); but being a ruler of late 3rd Age Dunedain was a thankless job.

I hope that the body count of (by now) familiar OC's doesn't grow any more; that could push Aragorn over the edge too.

More soon, I hope.

Author Reply: Thank you, Raksha! Yes, no slash ever from me, but Aragorn and Halbarad do kind of act like an old married couple, don't they? LOL

I do think being Chieftain would have been an largely thankless job, in many ways. Certainly a highly frustrating one, trying to defend such a large territory with very few men, men that also need to be hunters and farmers during parts of the year. I think of the verse about making bricks without straw--that seems to encapsulate Aragorn's job at times. Let's hope he doesn't do a Denethor and throw himself onto the nearest flaming pyre!

Thanks again for the review! Next chapter will be in a week--I only posted 2 chapters this week because of Aragorn's birthday. Hits/reviews lessened a bit so I think that posting 2 a week is rushing it a bit too much for everyone. So back to the regular schedule (much as I'm all but hopping up and down wanting to put the whole thing up NOW. LOL)

Ainu LaireReviewed Chapter: 14 on 3/5/2009
Aww! I love stubborn Rangers! Halbarad and Aragorn are quite the pair.

Poor Aragorn, going into despair. This "failure" will surely affect his mood with the Black Breath still lingering upon him. I still wonder what the Nazgul is doing in Eriador. To test the strength of the Dunedain would be interesting, but why?

Enjoyed the chapter- wonderful to see some elves there to help now.

Author Reply: Thanks, Laire... glad you liked this chapter, and yes, the Elves/Peredhel are here to help. Can't hurt, having Lord Glorfindel on hand, can it? *grin* And now Aragorn will have to fend off both Halbarad's mother henning AND his brothers'. As if the Black Breath and despair and an injured arm and losing hope wasn't enough!

As for the motivation of the Nazgul... there could be any number of reasons one might lurk around Arnor. They're servants of Sauron, and Sauron sent out all kinds of spies everywhere, including the North. Thinking of Sauron in light of military leadership, he no doubt was very much interested in seeing what the "lay of the land" was during the years leading up to the Ring War. Perhaps testing the Dunedain to make sure they're still a relatively weak force was part of that. It may be stretching things a might to have a wraith playing spy, since they're most associated with the One Ring, but I think it's reasonable to assume that the wraiths could and might have done than just search for the Ring. And of course, Sauron is always concerned that despite appearances, the Heir of Isildur might yet live.

Thanks for the review!

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