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At Hope's Edge  by Cairistiona 13 Review(s)
DreamdeerReviewed Chapter: 20 on 8/10/2009
In someone else's hands this would be the slow part of the novel. Yet if anything, Aragorn's battles now stand out as starker, bloodier, than anything you could pin down with a sword. The childhood details of his old bedroom throw his adult exhaustion into sharp contrast. And it all reads as true, down to the final, lying line.

Author Reply: Thank you, Dreamdeer! Yes, after all the battles and the drama and suspense, this chapter may well have dragged the story to a halt, so I'm that you felt it didn't, and that it served it's purpose, which is to bring Aragorn finally to that place where he must be healed, physically and spiritually, or all will be lost.

EstelcontarReviewed Chapter: 20 on 4/20/2009
Again, you did a great job of describing Aragorn's inner struggle against his mounting despair. He should know better though, and seek Elrond's help. But no, he has even to try to deceive Gandalf. No a very wise move is it? I'm sure Gandalf will see through it though.

"I'm fine" - that is the understatement of the millenium.

Author Reply: Thank you, Estelcontar! I'm glad you liked how he dealt with all that despair piling up within him. He really has reached the near-breaking point, and now is not the time to try to fool anyone into thinking he's all right, is it! Thanks for the review!

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 20 on 4/9/2009
Poor Aragorn is his own worst enemy here.Fancy not even sleeping on the bed!THank Goodness for Gandalf.You really made me feel Aragorn's despair here.

Author Reply: Thank you, Linda... I'm glad this touched on your emotions. Aragorn really is despairing here, to the point where he no longer feels worth even of sleeping in a comfortable bed. Not a good place for our Ranger to be in, at all, is it! Thank you always for your kind reviews!

Minerva OrganaReviewed Chapter: 20 on 4/9/2009
NO, ARAGORN, YOU ARE NOT FINE. You're in Rivendell, go get the help you need...please???? =P

Great chapter as always!! I loved the image of him sleeping on the floor instead of on his was a interesting mixture of humor and sadness...very Ranger-y and amusing but at the same time it's a bit saddening that he's been away from comfort for so long that even the bed seemed too strange to him.

Author Reply: Thank you, Minerva! I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter. Aragorn really is in a muddle, isn't he? Definitely feeling out of step with everything, even with what should be the comforts of home. No, fine is not a word that he should associate with himself in any way, shape or form!

Thanks again for all your lovely reviews!

Lily BagginsReviewed Chapter: 20 on 4/7/2009
I've been reading this story, but bad me, I haven't reviewed it yet.

I have to tell you that I worship the ground you walk on after reading this latest chapter. If I could kneel prostrate before you in supplication, I surely would!

I adore Aragorn hurt/comfort stories---am a member of the AA list---and this one is perfection. First of all, it's so, so refreshing to read such a story in which Aragorn is the mature Chieftain of his people instead of a young whippersnapper in his early 20s. I love both, but I LONG for more stories featuring Aragorn in his prime.

The injuries and angst are heart-wrenching, and yet completely realistic and believable. My heart just about gave out when Aragorn failed in his attempt to rescue the wee girl from Bracken's Ferry---your writing packs such an emotional punch. And now to see him in such despair, his arm infected, suffering a fever, and trying to hide it from everyone---I'm in deep, deep bliss here!

I can never get enough Aragorn and Gandalf friendship fics, especially in which Gandalf shows concern for Aragorn's health or well-being, and so I about DIED when Gandalf showed up in Rivendell. I was that happy.

I'll be avidly hitting refresh on Thursday every chance I get, looking for the next chapter. :)

Author Reply: Thank you, Lily! Wow, what a lovely review... I think now I'm the one in deep bliss!

I'm so glad you've been reading and enjoying the story, and gladder still to finally hear from you. I too really enjoy stories of Aragorn in his prime--his years as leader of the Dunedain are really what fascinate me the most. So many untold tales there. And I also really like the friendship between Aragorn and Gandalf. I think both aspects of Aragorn's life are under-represented in fanfic and I hope to try to fill in a bit of that void. *grin*

I'm glad you're finding the story realistic and believable... there are times when I fear I've piled too much on, but I do think the way Strider reacted when he told the Hobbits about the Nazgul in FOTR indicates that something really awful had happened to him. A man a strong as Aragorn wouldn't still have that sort of reaction if it was just a chance encounter, and yet you have to be careful not to make the encounter *too* intense or it would have been fatal. Hence all the other things surrounding it--the arm wound, the loss to his people, Halbarad's injury. But the losses to his people are the biggest blow, I think.

Anyway, I'm really rambling here... thank you again for popping up with your review. It's always such a treat to discover what someone who's been reading all along is thinking about the story!

Raksha The DemonReviewed Chapter: 20 on 4/7/2009
Now, now, Aragorn; don't be such a stoic - tell Herr Doktor Gandalf what is troubling you already!

Seriously, when Aragorn can't even relax in the Last Homely House, he needs some help, even if he doesn't think he needs it.

Sad but good chapter.

Author Reply: Thank you, Raksha... yes, things are pretty dark right now for Aragorn. "Stoic" is a good word for his attitude right now... stoic to a fault, actually, because he's not helping his own cause even a little, is he.

We'll see if he'll indeed open up to Herr Doktor Gandalf!

Thanks for the review!

Silivren TinuReviewed Chapter: 20 on 4/7/2009
Hearing "I am fine" from Aragorn by now really makes me want to grab him and shake him hard until he finally confesses that he's *anything* but fine! *shakes head* Yay at Gandalf's appearance, though! Between Gandalf and Elrond, Aragorn won't have an easy time trying to pretend he is 'fine'.

I wonder why Aragorn's condition is actually getting worse since he's in Rivendell - perhaps the part of him that's been influenced by the Nazgul is allergic against Vilya. ;-) I don't like at all that he doesn't seem to care about his own health at all anymore. I very much hope Gandalf won't believe him. It seems as if a part of Aragorn actually wants to share the burden of his dark thoughts. *nudges him encouragingly*

I hope the next chapter starts with a loud, disbelieving snort from Gandalf. *bg* Loved it! :)


Author Reply: Thank you, Almut! You know, I think the general consensus here with this chapter is that *everyone* wants to give Aragorn a good shaking... and I would have to agree. You're right in that part of Aragorn really does want to share the entire burden, but the "leader" in him, that same part of his character that is usually a strength--his selfless, his looking after others' needs before his own--really is working against him here. And of course, he's feverish from the arm wound and hasn't slept (much) in ages. So there are a multitude of factors working against him and against his thinking clearly. I don't think Vilya is probably much help with all that's going on with him... although yes, like Aragorn thought, you'd think it would have some influence, but I think probably only once Elrond actually uses it. But perhaps it does still have a bit of effect--Aragorn might be dead by now if he were alone out in the Wilds. Hard to say, really, other than Aragorn's in very bad shape--it's only his incredible stamina--the same stamina that helped him run all those leagues after Merry & Pippin, and helped him ride all those miles with the Army of the Dead to Pelargir-- that's keeping him going right now.

Thanks as always for the review! And yes, we'll see what Gandalf has to say about that "I'm fine" assertion! *grin*

BeeGeeReviewed Chapter: 20 on 4/6/2009
You know, I love this story, I really do. But I think if Arwen were with Aragorn right now, she would give him a little swat across the head! :D I think she'd say something like.."Manwe's Breath, get over yourself, boy, don't be so stubborn!" Of course we know he is under the influence of the Black Breath, so I'm giving him leeway here. Hopefully Gandalf won't be so easily fooled, and will help! He will, yes? I know, I'll have to wait til Thursday....

Author Reply: Thank you, BeeGee! I'm glad you're enjoying the story, and yes, I think we're all about ready to give Aragorn that swat. ;) But you're right... he's not exactly in his right mind, is he? Thanks for leaving a review, and yes, next installment should come on Thursday. :)

CassoReviewed Chapter: 20 on 4/6/2009
Thats it! I have totally run out of patience with Aragorn. Or maybe with everyone else, from Glorfy and the twins, Halbarad, Elrond and now Gandalf. Someone needs to take charge and deal with Aragorns hopelessness. Obviously he can't deal with it himself. Can't anyone see that he is exhausted, injured, desperate and suffering from his encounter with the Nazgul?

Where the hell is the great Elrond? He needs to get a move on and see to his Son. Right now.

PS, Great story, you have really got me in.

Author Reply: LOL! Thank you, Casso! I'm glad you're enjoying the story even if Aragorn and everyone else is about ready to drive you over the edge, from the sounds of it. Alas, Halbarad is unfortunately currently unconscious or at best semi-conscious, and Elrond is busy with said unconscious and/or semi-conscious Ranger. Glorfindel, well, he's still playing Chase-A-Wraith with Elladan and Elrohir. So that leaves Erestor, who really doesn't have excuse other than Aragorn's really good at hiding illness, and Gandalf.

Obi-Gandalf, you're our only hope!!! Oops, sorry. Didn't mean to cross over...

Thanks for the review!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 20 on 4/6/2009
Ah--that one little white lie could destroy him if his father doesnt get to him soon! Love the details here!

Author Reply: Thank you, Larner! This chapter really does have a lot of detail... so much so, in fact, that this chapter and the next were originally one chapter that I realized was just too big. So you'll get the rest of the conversation hopefully on Thursday. :) Thank you for your kind words, always!

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