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At Hope's Edge  by Cairistiona 14 Review(s)
EllynnReviewed Chapter: 23 on 8/25/2010
Aww... you brought tears to my eyes again, in the end of this chapter. But those were good tears this time. I am touched by the way you depict their friendship and bond... so palpable, so strong. Both your writing and their emotions. :)

P.s. "He did not understand how he could spend five days sleeping and wake up feeling like he could sleep for five weeks more."
As a big sleeper (is that the right word? I love to sleep long and I need it), I have to say that I understand him. :)))

Author Reply: I love it when a reader gets happy tears. :) And yes, I can relate to Aragorn's plight about sleeping as well--I love sleep and never feel like I get enough!

EstelcontarReviewed Chapter: 23 on 4/20/2009
A lovely sweet chapter for a change. It's so good to see that Aragorn has finally arrived home. Trust Elrond to tell Aragorn what he was really suffering under: exhaustion, fever and the Black Breath. I hope Aragorn learned his lesson too.

I liked the way you handled Aragorn and Elrond. I think you've hit exactly the right note. The love is there, as is the restraint that the love of Arwen brought to their relationship.

What would Aragorn do without Halbarad. I'm glad Aragorn finally saw that complete trust and truth is what such a friend as Halbarad deserves. That was well done.

Author Reply: Thank you! Yes, it's been a long time coming, a sweet chapter with no horrible brushes with death! LOL I do think Aragorn has likely learned his lesson. If not, then he's far TOO stubborn--to the point of being addlepated. *grin* And we all know our Ranger King is anything but addlepated. I'm glad you liked the relationship between Elrond and Aragorn here. It definitely is a bit of a balancing act for those two--to show love and be honest and open but always have to skirt the betrothal issue. It can't have been easy and sometimes tensions had to have erupted in one way or another. And yes, poor faithful, beleaguered Halbarad finally received what was only his due--an apology and an oath to never do that again!

Thanks for the review!

Lily BagginsReviewed Chapter: 23 on 4/17/2009
I am in utter bliss after reading this chapter! What beautiful moments between Aragorn and Elrond, especially the tears shimmering in Elrond's eyes. Absolutely wonderful. And Elrond was so kind and patient and didn't reprimand Aragorn, but let him know in no uncertain terms that he went too far this time, and that it nearly cost him his life.

And the part with Halbarad was just adorable---Halbarad's just like a little kid, unable to keep from waking him up. Loved their dialogue there, in what started out as humor and then transitioned into such seriousness and loyalty. You've done a perfect job of keeping the story realistic here between men.

Oh my, how I adored the first few paragraphs detailing Aragorn's feverish bouts, with various people ministering to him. Last time, you said you were planning a one-shot from Elrond's POV during the healing of the BB. Oh, I'm so excited about that! I would absolutely DIE to see the same during the fever bout, from the POV of Elrond, with Gandalf there, etc. To see Aragorn so vulnerable and ill and needing care and calming. May I grovel and beg for a wee bit of that someday? :)

I worshiped you before--I idolize you now!

Author Reply: Oh, Lily, you always make me smile! I'm so glad you liked all of this... and what an interesting thought, to expand the fever scenes from Elrond's POV. I may have to try that. I have pictured Elrond after finally bringing Aragorn back and then after Aragorn falls asleep, so maybe I will give it a go. Have to see what the muse does.

I'm especially glad you felt that the exchange between Halbarad and Aragorn is realistic between two men. I try very hard not to go overboard with emotions and make the men seem more like women, but sometimes when it *is* an emotionally fraught scene, I worry I may have gone too far. So your assurance is nice to hear! Same with Elrond... I wanted fatherly love and support but nothing too treacly or sentimental. Crossing fingers I don't ever mess that up!

Thanks so much for your review!

Silivren TinuReviewed Chapter: 23 on 4/17/2009
I think poor Aragorn really needed a nice, sweet, relaxing chapter after all that excitement. Especially since he isn't able to do anything but relaxing at the moment, anyway. ;-)

I liked that he was never left alone during the time of his feverish dreams, and I loved that the first thing he saw when he finally woke up was Elrond. //"My son came home at last and I nearly let him die."// Poor Elrond, finding Aragorn in such a state much have been quite a shock, to say the least. It seems he's feeling quite guilty himself. The two of them definitely need to talk - once Aragorn is able to keep his eyes open for more than a few minutes. *g*

I knew it wouldn't be possible to keep Halbarad in bed once he learned what had happened to Aragorn. And of course Halbarad couldn't wait until Aragorn woke again - I can't blame him for wanting to make sure right away that his chieftain was alright. Aragorn should better keep his oath to him, poor Halbarad really doesn't deserve such a fright. The ending was so sweet. *huggles Halbarad*

Once again, I loved this chapter! :)


Author Reply: Thank you, Almut! Yes, Halbarad *finally* got his promise from Aragorn and I do think Aragorn will keep it. Hopefully. And Halbarad is very content now... he's over in the corner humming happily to himself, actually. ;)

And yes, Elrond and Aragorn will be having more talks in the final chapter. Still some big things Aragorn needs to work through, with his ada's loving help. :)

Thanks for reviewing!

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 23 on 4/16/2009
What a beautiful chapter! I just loved this,first the scene with Elrond and then the wonderful scene with Halbarad.Very well written indeed!

Author Reply: Thank you so much, Linda! I'm glad you enjoyed both "halves" of this chapter. Our poor beleaguered Halbarad finally got what he needed most--Aragorn's solemn oath to BEHAVE. *grin* Thanks for the review!

Minerva OrganaReviewed Chapter: 23 on 4/16/2009

I wish I had something more meaningful/constructive/articulate to say. But I'm having trouble wiping this silly grin off my face.

The exchange between Halbarad/Aragorn was particularly lovely.

Author Reply: Hee hee! Silly grins are good. :) Thank you, Minerva! I'm glad you liked this, and especially the Halbarad/Aragorn part... I just love their friendship! Thanks for the review!

ElflingimpReviewed Chapter: 23 on 4/16/2009
Such an emotional chapter, it brought tears to my eyes,(sniff) but at least now Aragorn will be okay once again! Hug The Imp

Author Reply: Yes, Imp, Aragorn's on the way... still a bit to go yet but soooo much better now than he was. Thanks for the review!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 23 on 4/16/2009
Definitely a comfort to each as he begins the returnt to health again.

The Enemy seeks to turn the ally into an enemy, to sow seeds of dissension and distrust, even in dreams. I am glad that Elrond was able to draw both back from the brink.

Author Reply: Well said, Larner... it really is Sauron's way to twist good to evil to suit his purposes. Nasty bit of business, Sauron! Thanks for the review!

ElentarriReviewed Chapter: 23 on 4/16/2009
Brilliant! Love the Halbarad and Aragorn dialogue. I also love your Elrond. Are there any more Elrond bits?


Author Reply: Thank you, Elentarri, I'm glad you liked Aragorn and Halbarad's exchange, and yes, there's more Elrond to come. :) Thanks for the review!

FantasiaReviewed Chapter: 23 on 4/16/2009
Beautiful chapter, loved it! very touching the friendship of Aragorn and Halbarad. And yes, Elrond is very cryptic with his answers, I always thought him more elf than man.

Thank you and see you Monday...

Author Reply: Thank you, Fantasia! I'm with you as well on Elrond: I do think by this point (and probably even from the point at which he chose the fate of the Firstborn) that he was very much more Elf than Man in his thinking and actions. I think there probably were also bits of Man in him, but by far, he's Elf. I'm glad you liked the chapter and the bits between Aragorn and Halbarad. Thanks for the review!

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