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At Hope's Edge  by Cairistiona 13 Review(s)
BeeGeeReviewed Chapter: 25 on 4/23/2009
This was a very satisfying wrap up (so far) of this story, and I thought the journal style worked very well. Good thing Aragorn has the Imladris Health Plan :D (My HMO has you back at work in 4 days even if you are still riddled with orc arrows...) I liked Crafty!Aragorn, and I hope he decides to give the bracelet to Arwen because I'm sure she'll treasure it. It seems he's learned that the best part of holidays are family and friends.

Author Reply: Thank you, BeeGee, both for the kind words and for giving me a good laugh--I think I've been covered under those kind of HMOs! LOL I'm glad you're enjoying the first of the 2-part wrap up. I don't know if Aragorn will end up giving Arwen the bracelet or not... I'm sure you're right in that she'd treasure it if he did. Thanks for the review!

MarethielReviewed Chapter: 25 on 4/23/2009
Awww!!! Oh, I love it that Denlad "got the girl"... and that Halbarad and his lovely wife are happy. And I do love our blessed Erestor. The twins and Estel and Glorfindel might tease him, but c'mon... look at the wisdom:

He took one of the glasses and sipped from it, eyeing me over its brim. He held up the goblet and let the light shine through it. “This is a good wine,” he said. “It has mellowed with time, and has developed character that can only come through long years of aging.” He said no more, but patted me on the back and walked off.


And, being the Elrond lover I am, I have to admit my heart ached for the Peredhel, too. Loving both of his children and knowing he'll lose for their happiness to come to fruition.

And, naughty girl that I am, Aragorn, there are benefits to big feet... (blush!)

Great job... please say it isn't done??


Author Reply: "It's not done." There! I said it! *grin* Seriously, there's part 2 of the epilogue still, next Monday (unless I get it done sooner, but most likely Monday), then the tale is indeed finished, except for some "appendices" type things--character studies that I wrote that look at some of the scenes from Elrond's, Denlad's and Halbarad's POV. Just some interesting (I hope) glimpses of how I actually worked out some parts of the story.

I'm glad you liked the first part of the epilogue--I know I took a bit of a risk, making it into a journal format, but I felt what needed to be said from this point on needed to be said by Aragorn directly to us. And with all the loose ends to tidy up, it seemed a more interesting way to do it than to devote several more standard chapters that might have felt more like "filler".

So you like Aragorn's big feet, eh? LOL I figure someone that tall would likely have fairly large feet.

And I'm glad you liked Erestor... he doesn't have a big role in this story but I hoped to make his moments memorable. :) And yes, Denlad got the girl! One of these days I might go back and write up how that all happened, but for now, we'll all just be happy for him that he found his love.

Thanks again for the review!

CalenlassReviewed Chapter: 25 on 4/23/2009
Oh, beautiful.

I must admit my favorite line is this one:

Erestor, I know from personal experience, can be easily eluded. You simply wait until he is so engrossed in an old manuscript that an oliphaunt could sit on him without his notice.


The ending was a surprise, but I'm glad it worked out so well for Aragorn.

Thanks for writing; the epilogue was great.


Author Reply: Thanks, Cal! I figured you might like that line. *grin* And the epilogue isn't *quite* done... there's a 2nd part coming up Monday. THEN the story will be finished. Except for the appendices. *grin* Thanks for the review!

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