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By the River  by Linda Hoyland 12 Review(s)
TiggerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/25/2009
*Today* is the Anniversary of the death of Boromir!?! Considering I finally made it to Rauros today when I added my mileage to my total over at The Eowyn Challenge, that's rather fitting in a way I'd reach it today of all days. Wow!!

This was your usual wonderful work Linda. Very much enjoyed this extended version. Especially at the end when Faramir was musing on just how much more he had to learn about Aragorn. Poor thing was so used to being pushed aside or lahed out at over whatever for far too long from Denethor and it only stands to reason he'd still be figuring Aragorn out.

This really is lovely Linda. Thanks for sharing it w/us here. :o)

Author Reply: Many thanks for your much appreciated review and kind words .That is appropriate you have reached Rauros today!
I love comtrasting ARagorn to Denethor and showing Faramir blossom with a kindly lord.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/25/2009
I love the expansion on the original, Linda. And both Aragorn and Arwen would understand.

Author Reply: Many thanks for your much appreciated review. I'm sure they would indeed understand how Faramir felt.

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