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Hunting the Dragon  by Linda Hoyland 11 Review(s)
ErulisseReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/21/2009
Charming little story. One small correction: "Your nanny will sit with you for a while I find your toy, Aragorn told his son after vainly searching the rest of the room. " should probably read "Your nanny will sit with you while I find your toy" or "Your nanny will sit with you for a while whilst I find your toy" or similar. I enjoyed this little ficlet and the toys that the men remembered playing. It fleshed the story out and made it far more 3-dimensional.

Author Reply: Many thanks for your much appreciated review and for pointing out the typo,which I've fixed now.
I'm pleased you enjoyed the story. I based it on childhood memories of being unable to sleep without a toy dog I loved.

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