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Once Upon a Meadow  by Grey Wonderer 22 Review(s)
DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/13/2010
Oh! Oh mercy! *wipes eyes*gigglesnort*takes deep breath*

Good heavens, GW, where DO you get these brilliant ideas? I love the personalities and opinions of all the sheep! Who knew that's what the sheep thought about the hobbits?

This was just too funny! I loved Bert taking off after "poacher Freddy"-- but I must say, I think he deserved to have Freddy fall on him! He didn't even give Freddy a chance to explain! (THough I'm not sure how well he *could* have explained if he was in the same state as his cousins.)

Pippin paused and after a minute or two he said, “I don’t think we saw any of it, Merry. We were both passed out over here and we didn’t see a thing.”

“Good idea,” Merry agreed. “We can’t explain what we didn’t see.”

“And, we can’t explain what we *did* see either,” Pippin said. Both of them lay back down and closed their eyes.

I've always thought Pippin was far more intelligent than some people give him credit for, and this proves it!

And Ernie? When I saw the name of the second shepherd-- well, you know, you really should include beverage warnings in those clever disclaimers of yours! *mops OJ off monitor*

Good old Paladin-- he'll sort it all out, and enjoy doing so...

Author Reply: I love the sound effects in your reviews. It's kind of like I get to listen to you read the story. Makes it much more fun.

I thought it was about time I wrote something from the sheep's POV. They have, after all, been grazing their way through my stories for some time now. I felt they deserved their say in at least one of them.

Bert did over-react for a so-called gentle shepherd who wouldn't hurt a fly, didn't he? I think poor Freddy got the worst of this one but at some point, I'll give him his revenge on Merry and Pippin at least. I may leave Bert alone. He's really rather high-stung isn't he?

Yes, Pippin is very clever indeed. In my stories often it is only Merry that can see it, but it is true.

I like the idea of naming my hobbits for other things from time to time. And so Bert and Ernie Sesame Street and Bert and Ernie from It's a Wonderful Life got the nod this time. Sorry about the beverage spew but I am very glad you enjoyed it all.

Thanks so much for reading!

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 1/13/2010
Dear Lambert:

(And may I say, you have a fine name! Very appropriate for a sheep!) I don't think you need to worry about the hobbits having wandered into your tale-- they simply lend a bit of flavor to such a wonderful sheep story! After all, it is by the contrast with the hobbits that the sheep are shown to be such intelligent and witty creatures, most especially those particular hobbits in that particular state make sheep seem positively brilliant by comparison!

Author Reply: Dear Dreamflower,

Thank you for your words of praise for my name. It has been in the family for many shearing seasons as you can tell by the number which follows it.

I can tell that you are a reader with an appreciation for sheep. It is very delightful to read your words regarding sheep. You are the very type of reader that I had hoped would find this story.

You seem very intelligent for a human and I hope that some of your future stories will contain sheep. You seem to understand us quite well.

All of the best,

Lambert Woolrich XVIII

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