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The Least of Rings  by Dreamflower 31 Review(s)
LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 10 on 6/9/2013
Poor Merry! I'm as eager as he is to find out what happened. I'm so glad Strider was there to deal with the Black Breath or things would have been very grim indeed.

I love this imagery: the scent of orchards and heather in the sunshine, full of bees…

Author Reply: That particular imagery was lifted directly from RotK, "Houses of Healing"! JRRT thanks you! ;)

AntaneReviewed Chapter: 9 on 6/8/2013
Oh, this is a frightening thing to happen! Poor Frodo but I love how brave they all were. Strider, hurry up and came back!

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

Author Reply: AU or no AU, our lads are still a very brave bunch of hobbits!

demeter dReviewed Chapter: 9 on 6/8/2013
A clever combination of "movieverse" and book. Just where, after all did Viggo's Aragorn get those four knives? I do not believe anyone knew that Merry and Pippin would be along, even Gandalf. So how would he have known to bring four? On the other hand, it is best not to underestimate what Gandalf might have known! You pay a bit of homage here to the Barrow blades, very nice. So it is to be merely a broken arm, not a shoulder stab... hmmm. And I agree with Lindelea, we hope Saruman does not already have IT! Maybe THAT would then become the Quest, a covert mission to get the Ring away from him and then destroy it. This is getting good!

Author Reply: I know. I wondered about that myself. This was sort of a "fix-it" for that scene. (In my verse Gandalf suspected Merry and Pippin might come, but did not know it for sure.)

Yes, because Frodo did NOT have the One Ring, and the Morgul blade was meant for the Ringbearer!

I'm glad you are enjoying this AU!

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 9 on 6/8/2013
I hope that Saruman doesn't have It...

Author Reply: That would be pretty awful...

AntaneReviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/7/2013
I'm really enjoying this though I do feel bad for the hobbits at the end here. A lot of it is the same as it was on the orginial Quest but a lot is different too. I hope one of the differences will be that Frodo will not suffer so much. We shall see I suppose.

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

Author Reply: It's the same but different--and in the end quite different. That's all I can say at this point in time!

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/7/2013
Exciting chapter!

I had to chuckle at this: Strider was not willing to stop every couple of hours to eat, either! Such hardship!

(my only sorrow is that in this version, Bill the pony is evidently not emancipated from Bill Ferny... I will now proceed to imagine a Ranger having noticed Bill Ferny's treatment of the pony and doing a bit of clever ventriloquism to make it seem as if the pony can talk. If Ferny is planning mischief, and the pony could inform on him...? Frightened and superstitious, Bill sells the pony to Butterbur, where Bill-the-pony lives happily ever after...)

Author Reply: Yes, I toyed with the idea of shoe-horning poor Bill in somehow, but with the 500 word limitation, I'm afraid I had to sacrifice the poor pony.

I like your version! *grin*

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 7 on 6/5/2013
Oooo, Gandalf's last line sounds ominous. And Strider rescued Merry and Pippin from brigands, hurrah!

I really love this bit: I ain't had enough beer yet to get the nerve up and Frodo's response... LOL!

Author Reply: Yes, the meeting's not quite the same this time around...but they are all together now.

*snerk* Seemed to me like the sort of thing Sam might say--and just the sort of thing Frodo might do! ;D

FantasyFanReviewed Chapter: 6 on 6/4/2013
So Frodo is still leaving the Shire! Gandalf is still planning to accompany him, and the Conspiracy is still intact, although somewhat less urgent in their intentions. They are to visit Bilbo in Rivendell, I know, but I wonder if Gandalf's intention may also be to give Elrond a chance to weigh in on the problem of the lesser ring. Can't wait to see what Radagast has discovered. If Frodo doesn't have the ruling Ring, does someone else?

Author Reply: Yes. I wanted Frodo and the others to still have a chance at Adventure and heroics, even if not quite so dire as in canon.

If Frodo doesn't have the ruling Ring, does someone else?

*grin* Keep those thoughts in mind...

SoledadReviewed Chapter: 6 on 6/3/2013
Oh, this is very interesting! I just found the story and read the available chapters in one sitting. Loved the Hobbitses and their food. ;) *And* Balin's visit.

I'm very curious where you're going with this story.

Author Reply: We are getting underway to the truly AU part of it, so I hope you enjoy the ride.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 6 on 6/3/2013
Fascinating. So Bag End isn't sold, and Frodo hasn't "come to the end of Bilbo's money." Love the letters -- they set the tone very well, and could even be plausible gapfillers in the original story.

(But... it nags at me. If the Ruling Ring isn't being taken care of, is Middle-earth still in danger?)

(BTW, so lovely to see this today. It made for pleasant reading with my elevenses. Have been thinking of you and praying for the safety of you and your loved ones with all the tornadoes in the news lately.)

Author Reply: Exactly.

I had fun with the letters. Of course, as much as I love the Conspiracy, I had to have an AU version of it!

Pay close attention to that last snippet of conversation between Gandalf and Radagast...there are hints.

The tornadoes have been dreadful, though none of them hit us, we had plenty of rain, wind and hail. But luckily the only tornado that headed in our direction never touched down except at a lake just out of town.

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