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Kitt Otter

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The Great Revising has begun on all pre-2012 stories. (An ironing of grammar and structure wrinkles. No major overhauls expected except in Trust to Fate.)

13 Dec 2013: Of Cabbages and Elves, chapters 1 & 2
6 Jan 2014: Hidden Watcher
12 Jan 2014: A Trinket Exchanged


Kitt is a planetary scientist in training with a love of otters and beards. Since 2002 she has been reading and attempting fanfiction, usually of a humorous sort. Once on a swim she was swallowed by Ulmo. It was neat. She is biased somewhat to Elves and especially to those frolicking Elves of the Falas. She fancies their bearded lord. Very much so.

Some of her frightening stories that don't meet SoA's guidelines can be found here.

You may behold her DeviantART doodles here.

Much more palatable is DeviantART's Silmarilion Club. Please do gaze at their work and sprinkle comments.

And of course nothing beats the daily dose of awesome given by Astronomy Picture of the Day.

(Well, Daily Otter might come close).

Eru bless! : )
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