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A Took by Any Other Name  by Lindelea
Pippin goes against all convention in the naming of his son. (Chapter 5 is tenatively rated "R" due to the graphic nature of the material, related to capture by Orcs. All other chapters are PG-13 or below.) Warnings: violence, character death. Oops! Forgot to change this! Final chapter added!
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Prologue7
Chapter  1: The Morning After9
Chapter  2: Breakfast in Bed7
Chapter  3: Halfway to Teatime8
Chapter  4: Just in Time for Tea5
Chapter  5: Supper Preparations7
Chapter  6: A Took by any Other Name8
Chapter  7: Meanwhile8
Chapter  8: The Badger Delves Deeper10
Chapter  9: Tea and Gossip14
Chapter 10: A Sip at Midnight 10
Chapter 11: Merry Meetings9
Chapter 12: Cream and Honeycomb8
Chapter 13: Supper and Bed8
Chapter 14: Homecoming11
Chapter 15: The Rising Flames7
Chapter 16: Drowning in Fire11
Chapter 17: Heart-to-Heart with an Old Badger9
Chapter 18: Bed and Breakfast9
Chapter 19: Epilogue9
Chapter Author's Notes: Notes3

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