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A Teleri Treasury  by Rhyselle
These drabbles and ficlets are my contributions to a challenge on Garden of Ithilien to write 100 words of beautiful, quality, polished prose every day of the month of November 2008. Originally called Rhyselle's Library Annex.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Looking West3
Chapter  2: Ships3
Chapter  3: Ropes4
Chapter  4: Swimming (a double drabble)4
Chapter  5: Refusal, Reconsideration, Repentence4
Chapter  6: Farewell (a double drabble)2
Chapter  7: Return4
Chapter  8: Listening3
Chapter  9: Grieving5
Chapter 10: Sailing Lesson (a double drabble)4
Chapter 11: Escape Attempt7
Chapter 12: Squall/Trust/Apology5
Chapter 13: Obdurate4
Chapter 14: Guilt4
Chapter 15: Doubt3
Chapter 16: Destiny4
Chapter 17: Watching5
Chapter 18: Rebuke4
Chapter 19: Summons3

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