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Inspiration  by Antane
From the Silmarillion Writers Guild challenge which I stumbled upon when looking at MEFA stories. "Your characters inspire you - what inspires them?" No slash as always. Just about everyone is going to appear. The chapter titles will generally reflect first the person giving the inspiration and then the person receiving it so some of the chapter titles may be the same and in some cases the people will be both giving and receiving inspiration (ie. coming chapters of Frodo and Sam).
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Frodo and Sam8
Chapter  2: Frodo and The Fellowship at the Council 4
Chapter  3: Gandalf, Aragorn and Frodo2
Chapter  4: Arwen and Aragorn2
Chapter  5: Gandalf, ??? and Frodo on Amon Hen3
Chapter  6: Frodo and Sam at Parth Galen3
Chapter  7: Pippin and ???4

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