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Bilbo's Shire, A to Z  by Larner
A series of drabbles that reflect Bilbo's experiences within the Shire. Dedicated to FrodoSweetStuff and Cathleen.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Aldagrim Took4
Chapter  2: Bag End4
Chapter  3: Children's Priorities2
Chapter  4: Dearest Dora4
Chapter  5: Echoes3
Chapter  6: Fetching Frodo4
Chapter  7: Gathering Gladiola4
Chapter  8: Helping Hamfast3
Chapter  9: Inspiration7
Chapter 10: Justice2
Chapter 11: Kissing Cousins2
Chapter 12: Likin' the Young Master3
Chapter 13: Master and Man2
Chapter 14: Nightmare2
Chapter 15: Officious Otho3
Chapter 16: Pesky Pervinca1
Chapter 17: Quick Hands5
Chapter 18: Ripe Apples4
Chapter 19: Samwise3
Chapter 20: The Traitorous Truant2
Chapter 21: Umbrellas3
Chapter 22: Visiting with the Violets1
Chapter 23: Writing Wills1
Chapter 24: X Marks the Spot4
Chapter 25: Yesterday2
Chapter 26: Zest4
Chapter Epilogue 2: An Encore--Some Day2

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