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The Honorary Hobbit  by lovethosehobbits
Prank prone hobbits are not a good mix at the Last Homely House so Aragorn is called upon to take the hobbits on a walking party. Disaster strikes as a storm moves in on the group.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Never Underestimate a Hobbit4
Chapter  2: Unforeseen Circumstances2
Chapter  3: A Team Effort6
Chapter  4: Even the Smallest Person Can Make A Difference1
Chapter  5: Witches Brew3
Chapter  6: What Goes Around Comes Around1
Chapter  7: Farewells2
Chapter  8: Hunters and Healers3
Chapter  9: Revelations3
Chapter 10: Help Arrives3
Chapter 11: The Care and Feeding of Rangers3
Chapter 12: Departures3
Chapter 13: The Situation Worsens3
Chapter 14: Rivendell Cures5
Chapter 15: White Lily Tincture8
Chapter 16: Trapped in a Dark World5
Chapter 17: Patience with Patients5
Chapter 18: Storm a' Brewin'5
Chapter 19: Stubborn and Stubboner3
Chapter 20: Tender Care3
Chapter 21: Forays of Foolishness3
Chapter 22: The Herald of Gil-Galad4
Chapter 23: Small Steps3
Chapter 24: Hard Work and Heartache2
Chapter 25: A Moment of Bliss3
Chapter 26: Discovered2
Chapter 27: Tricks and Duels2

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