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Rhapsody's ramblings  by Rhapsody

Looking Back, Looking Forward
Summary: The thoughts on friendship between Celegorm and Aredhel when both leave Valinor behind on their journey into exile.
Beta: Trekqueen
Notes: written for the OSA Drabble Challenge #60: "Weather"

The watery wind chilled him to the bone while the sea calmed down and snowflakes danced on the wind and in front of his eyes. Winter at sea, why did he never consider that before? Gone were the green forest and slopes of what was once his home. Would she return home or remember him? For a moment, Celegorm tried to imagine how Aredhel Ar-Feiniel would lift her silver-white robes off the muddy ground to leave the madness behind her.

And there he remained standing while the storm increased around him, blocking his view of the evanescing shores of Valinor.


Never before had she felt a wind this cold, and yet she marched on knowing that her people would draw strength from her courage. However, she could not believe what he had done. Friends since their childhood, her hunting friend now had an unfair advantage on her. Aredhel knew he would stay true to his heated words, that on the hither shores they would explore it together, like they did in the past years. The fell blizzard brought her back to the present and she drew comfort out of the knowledge wherever he might roam, she would feel home too.

Author notes: three quotes of inspiration formed the base of this small drabble series.

“There she [Aredhel] was often in the company of the sons of Fëanor, her kin; but to none was her heart's love given. Ar-Feiniel she was called, the White Lady of the Noldor, for she was pale though her hair was dark, and she was never arrayed but in silver and white.”
The Silmarillion, Chapter five, Of Eldamar and the Princes of the Eldalië

“But Aredhel had evidently told Curufin (and later Celegorm of whom she was most fond) enough of herself…”
History of Middle Earth, War of the Jewels, III Maeglin

At that time they [Celegorm & Curufin] were from home, riding with Caranthir east in Thargelion; but the people of Celegorm welcomed her and bade her stay among them with honour until their lord's return. There for a while she was content, and had great Joy in wandering free in the woodlands...
The Silmarillion, Chapter sixteen, Of Maeglin

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