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Rhapsody's ramblings  by Rhapsody

Colourful Company

How many more could fit into Mister Bilbo’s home? Gaffer Gamgee stood there in wonder when just five Dwarves, or so he estimated, had entered Bag End. The surprise on his master’s face made him worry for a bit. But now Gandalf and four more of them trotted the neatly kept path to the front door. There was something he had to say, but what, who was he to question his master’s visitors.

As if Gandalf read his mind, the wizard turned to face him: “There is no need to worry over your master Hamfast. He will not end up in trouble, unless he seeks it.” The last words were followed by a wink.

“Even so,” one of the Dwarves with a sky-blue hat and silver tassel responded, “maybe your master can be of use for us.”

“Let us not be impolite,” a big Dwarf with a booming, but pleasant voice, continued. “My name if Bombur, this is Bifur, Bofur and this high Dwarf is named Thorin.”

Straightening his back, Gaffer Gamgee brushed of his filthy hands to his pants and offered a hand. After shaking all of them, he felt more assured about the presence of Master Bilbo’s company so far.

“If you do not mind, Hamfast.” Gandalf broke the silence, “we cannot let Bilbo wait too long.”

“No no, of course not, Mister Gandalf, forgive me my impoliteness.” Stepping backwards quickly, he let the visitor’s continue on the path. But the big Dwarf leaned in and whispered, “Do not worry so, Mister Gamgee, I will make sure no harm will come to your Master. You can take my word on this.”

“Thank you mister Bombur.” Gamgee whispered back in surprise, “and I will take care of his garden the best way I can.”

“Agreed!” Both spoke in unison.


For the community Drabble Madness I received the following assignments: Lord of the Rings- write a drabble about Funny Character Names. You can make it a single (100 word), double (200 word), or triple (300 word)drabble. Alassante gave me this: Rhapsody - Any Sackville-Baggins or the Gaffer. I added a couple of Dwarves to the mix and another guest as well.

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