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Rhapsody's ramblings  by Rhapsody

Blind pain

Anger, fury, pain: nature roared. Celeborn heard the mallorns scream out their anguish and he scolded himself for not noticing this earlier. The sickening sound of a sword meeting wood made his legs refuse to continue, but the tormented fëa screamed for help. Once his feet brought him there, Celeborn gasped at the carnage inflicted by steel. Did he not know that there was no blame for what happened to Celebrían? Nearing him with caution, he barely avoided the sharp blade.

“Enough Elrohir.” Celeborn hissed and stayed his sword arm. One exchange, no words, and Celeborn knew Elrohir came undone.

Inner pain

I have failed, invaluable. I killed every Orc in my path … Where did I go wrong?

Lunging once more with his sword, Elrohir kept hitting the target in blind fury. Splinters tickled his skin as he blocked all sounds coming from it. The fluid of his target coated his fingers, but he did not care anymore. The thought of his mother leaving him for Valinor made him feel angry and torn. Sensing someone near, he recognised him.

"Enough Elrohir."

Two words spoken quenched the fury and with a silent cry, he fell on his knees: hoping to be forgiven.

Author notes:
I originally wrote it from two perspectives: first from Elrohir’s, but I thought that Celeborn’s perspective should go first. This work is drabbled for the OSA drabble challenge #25: Good Guys Doing Bad Things. This version is re-edited, all mistakes in this edition are mine. I owe many thanks to Isil Elensar for finding the right words and her help with the first version!

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