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Rhapsody's ramblings  by Rhapsody

Fighting for hope

It was simply amazing: a small child this delicate and complete. Amras tried to look up to the doting parents but could not break away his gaze from this little creature who slept contentedly in his arms, completely unaware of the rest of the world. Amras knew that long ago many gazed down on him in the same manner as they imparted words of wisdom despite the fact that he was the seventh son of FŽanor. Yet, he knew that his brother was new to this, the excitement in his voice followed by the realisation that he would be responsible for this babyís future.

What would await this little one? Would his fate be different than theirs? If they wouldrestore the honour of this House, this small baby would have a blissful life. Their lives suddenly became so different after their grandfather was brutally murdered.

We simply must, Amras thought to himself once he handed the child to his brother. If we manage to achieve this, peace would return in their hearts and loves would be rekindled. Then all could start anew with regained energy and love. At least for this little oneís future, he was willing to try.

This double drabble is written for Isil Elensar Šnd for Seven in '07 project for the Silmarillion Writers Guild.

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