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Dreamflower's Dribs and Drabs  by Dreamflower

(†The sixth dribble of six, a double dribble this time, written for the "Six Days of Spooky" Challenge for the Spooky Arda Community.)


Pain! If the Morgul-blade had seemed a dagger of ice,
this was a stiletto of fire, burning through him.
Like lightning it coursed all through his veins;
he felt as though he were aflame.
He could hear his heart pounding.
It thundered louder and louder
and then it slowed.
His vision faded,
his hearing

He found
he couldnít move.
Samís voice, Samís tears--
Am I dead? He wondered.
No, no-- not dead, not dead!
Dead he would be beyond this agony!
Yet why then could he feel nothing? Nothing!
Imprisoned, unmoving in these bonds, unblinking without tears, alone--
rough orcish voices! Sam, save yourself! All is lost, lost!

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