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Dreamflower's Dribs and Drabs  by Dreamflower

 (Taken from my story "Supper's Over, Breakfast's Cooking")


Tea, tea, glorious tea!
Come put your feet up and have some with me!
Some bread and some butter
‘Twixt lunchtime and supper
There’s naught like a cuppa
Tea, glorious tea!

Tea, tea, glorious tea!
Now won’t you have a nice sitdown with me?
Just a wee little drop?
Oh, the kettle is hot
And I have a full pot
Of tea, glorious tea!

Tea, tea, glorious tea!
I know you’re longing to gossip with me!
I’ve managed to bake
Some biscuits and cake.
Oh come and partake
Of tea, glorious tea!*


*Sung to the tune of "The Hippotamus Song(Mud, Glorious Mud)" by Flanders and Swann

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