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Dreamflower's Dribs and Drabs  by Dreamflower

I only just realized that I never posted the limericks here that I wrote in 2011 for Great Tale's limerick challenge!

So, here they are:

The Shire

There is a place called the Shire.
It's a wonderful spot to retire--
The hills are as green
as any you've seen,
And scenery you've got to admire!

Off to Find the Dragon

Thirteen dwarves and a hobbit did slog
Over mountain, through forest and fog;
Dealt with goblins and trolls,
Escaped Elf-king's holes--
All to visit a dragon called Smaug.


There once was a hobbit named Baggins
Who had some experience with dragons.
He went for to roam,
But when he came home,
He set all the tongues to a-wagging.


There once was a critter called Sméagol,
Who murdered his cousin called Déagol
For a shiny new ring,
A precious little thing.
But homicide still is illegal.


A Took and a Brandybuck
Were known for pushing their luck.
It finally turned bad
When they made Maggot mad,
As into his crops they snuck.*

*Okay, I confess this one is movie-verse!

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