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Dreamflower's Dribs and Drabs  by Dreamflower

(I will not be posting the scavenger hunt quote results with my entries; since I participated in creating the prompts it would not be fair.)

B2MeM Challenge: March 5, coronation; March 6, dark
Format: Drabble
Genre: Narrative
Rating: G
Character(s): Aragorn, the city of Minas Tirith
Summary: Minas Tirith rejoices in the light.
Quote: "But when Aragorn arose all that beheld him gazed in silence, for it seemed to them that he was revealed to them now for the first time. Tall he seemed and yet in the flower of manhood; and wisdom sat upon his brow, and strength and healing were in his hands, and a light was about him."

"It cannot be seen, cannot be felt,
Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt.
It lies behind stars and under hills,
And empty holes it fills.
It comes first and follows after,
Ends life, kills laughter."

From Dark to Light

The White City had gone down into darkness, had hovered on the brink of despair. Blood and ruin, fire and despair, had engulfed her people. There had been no end to the night, no break of morning, no hope.
Then hope had come on a fresh wind from the South, blowing away the dark clouds of the East: a great jeweled standard heralding the return long unlooked for was unfurled; and strong was the arm of a warrior, and gentle was the hand of healing.

Now hope is crowned, and the light has returned, and the darkness has been banished.

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