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The Michel Delving Mathom House  by Periantari

Summary: Bilbo lets young Frodo know that he is glad to have adapted him.
A/N: Written for Shirebound
Thank you to slightlytookish and frodobaggins_88 for beta-ing.

Just Be Happy

“Frodo-lad, I have to tell you something,” Bilbo motioned Frodo to come close to him as Bilbo put his arm on Frodo’s shoulder. They were walking around Bag End and had come to the magnificent Party Tree. The weather was calm and the autumn air was still crisp and not so cold, which made walking a quite enjoyable activity. They settled down beside the tree to watch the beautiful sunset that illuminated the sky with pink and orange colors.

“What is it, Uncle? What is on your mind?” Frodo replied, concerned that it was something of great importance.

“I just want to tell you that I’m glad that you decided to stay at Bag End with me. I know it was hard to leave your Brandybuck relatives but an old bachelor like me needs company. I feel very lucky to have you by my side, so happy and glad when you agreed to live with me. You have made my life more special in more ways than one, I hope you understand,” said Bilbo with an expression full of sincerity and love looking into Frodo’s blue eyes,

“And living with you has been fun too, Uncle Bilbo,” replied Frodo with a smile. “I truly feel like I have all of your attention at all times and I like feeling that way.”

“You’ve always been one of my relatives that I felt had the spark which sets you apart, making you more special that the rest, the one that I could trust and believe in. I want to let you know that Bag End is yours if I ever decide to leave the Shire… I want to tell you that you’re the one Baggins that has the most spirit, a bright light in my life which makes me ever so lucky to have you,” said Bilbo.

“I’m lucky and glad to have you too, Bilbo; you’re one of the nicest relatives I’ve ever known and met.” “You’ve been so nice and generous to me ever since I’ve moved here. But, but--you’re not ever going to leave Bag End and me, are you?” asked Frodo his eyes wide with worry.

“No not now, of course not… but I just want to ensure you know that this is your home, Frodo. We can now share birthdays together with ease and I can tell you all the stories about my adventure to find Smaug and---“

“And can you tell Gandalf to come and make fireworks?” asked Frodo excitedly.

“Perhaps,” Bilbo replied with a grin. “I can also teach you some Elvish and the geography of the places I’ve been to.”

“That would be very interesting! I cannot wait,” replied Frodo with a big hug for Bilbo.

“I’m just glad to have you, dear Frodo. Know that and remember that you are so cherished,” replied Bilbo with a light kiss upon the dark curls of Frodo’s head.

“And I’m glad to have you as my guardian as well, dear Bilbo. Thank you for being here for me,” said Frodo, feeling deeply touched at Bilbo’s words. “Hobbiton is quite a nice place so far thanks to your kind welcome. But can we go see Merry and Uncle Saradoc and Aunt Esmie once in a while? I miss them too at times and it’ll be an adventure to go off and see them!”

“Of course, dear lad—we can do many things together including traveling, camping, and going to see the Elves,” Bilbo replied with a smile. “You have gone through so much already in life and I just want you to be happy…. Just be happy,” Bilbo said to Frodo’s ears as Frodo snuggled closer to Bilbo and closed his eyes, quite content to be in the arms of the uncle he loved.

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