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The Michel Delving Mathom House  by Periantari
My collection of hobbity ficlets which are usually written as short mathoms for friends on Livejournal. UPDATE 12/22/14 (I know, long time): "It will not be long now" featuring Bilbo UPDATE 3/24/16: "Simple Comforts" featuring Gandalf and Frodo written for Shirebound, "A Prince's Plea" featuring Aragorn and Pippin written for Lindahoyland UPDATE: "The Darkest Road" -Merry and Frodo have a moment in Cormallen.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: A Natural Bond2
Chapter  2: The Fuel for the Fire2
Chapter  3: More than Meets the Eye2
Chapter  4: First Snow4
Chapter  5: Just Be Happy2
Chapter  6: Hopes and Reassurances1
Chapter  7: Harthad Uluithiad2
Chapter  8: Never Fear for I am Here1
Chapter  9: Dear Uncle Frodo1
Chapter 10: Interlude1
Chapter 11: Memories1
Chapter 12: A Special Birthday1
Chapter 13: With me...Till the End2
Chapter 14: Conquering Fear2
Chapter 15: Between Shadows and Reality2
Chapter 16: Reaffirmations1
Chapter 17: Turning Point1
Chapter 18: It Willl Not Be Long Now2
Chapter 19: Halimath 14822
Chapter 20: Simple Comforts1
Chapter 21: A Prince's Plea1
Chapter 22: The Darkest Road4

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