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The Michel Delving Mathom House  by Periantari

A Special Birthday

“Where are you leading me to, Mr. Frodo?”

Sam’s eyes were blindfolded as Frodo led him out of the their sleeping quarters shortly after they have had their breakfast. “Just keep your eyes closed until I tell you when to open them."

“I can’t see anything anyway, Mr. Frodo, with this blindfold upon me. What is this business about anyway?” asked Sam, as he felt himself being led towards the doors which led outside.

“You will see in time,” replied Frodo mysteriously.

Frodo carefully led him down steps and several turnings, through several doors, until Sam could feel soft grass beneath his toes.

“Now, you can take off the blindfold.”

Surrounding Sam was a garden filled with different flowers and herbs: brightly colored lilies, roses, marigolds, tulips, carnations, and various other herbs which Sam wasn’t familiar with. It just seemed like a beautiful paradise. The flowery scent reminded him of the Shire—and his own garden that he so carefully tended. Tears filled his eyes at this sight that was so reminiscent of home.

Sitting and standing upon the grass was Merry and Pippin holding a brightly colored, multi-layered cake with rich cream upon it with words written out the words “Many happy returns, dear Samwise the Stouthearted”. Gandalf was smiling, standing besides Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli as they all shouted out,

“Happy birthday Sam!”

“Yes, we did not forget that it was your birthday while you still slept on April 6th,” said Aragorn. “Frodo reminded again once more that we should especially celebrate and we decided to do this belated celebration for you because you deserve it.”

“Of course we needed to plan a special celebration for an incredibly important hero of Middle-Earth. Because… Frodo would not have gone far without Sam,” said Frodo as he put his arm on Sam’s shoulder.

“Well, I’ll be blessed,” and without any further words, Sam blushed and burst into tears of joy.


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