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The Michel Delving Mathom House  by Periantari

Title: Reaffirmations
A scene with Sam and Rosie post-Quest

“Did you know I was going to come back?”

Rosie looked up startled at the random question after a calm night in which Sam had been uncharacteristically quiet. They were walking under the stars in the peaceful, chilly Blotmath night of the Shire, hand in hand, content and comfortable with each other’s company.

Rosie stopped walking and held onto both Sam’s hands and stared into his hazel eyes, leaning closer to Sam, breathing in the familiar scents, cherishing every second she had back again since she thought that Sam had gone on his journey indefinitely.

“I knew in my heart that you would not leave me…forever. Even if I did not know what you were up against, I always knew that you would pull through in the end and that I could overcome the Troubles of the past year. I’ve never stopped thinking about you and maybe if more years had come and you still had not come back, I would still continue to think about you Sam. And…I was too stubborn to think otherwise…to think that… you won’t return…” Rosie trailed off not sure of how to finish.

Sam felt overwhelmed by the response and hugged Rosie tighter. Whispering to her ear, he said, “I never stopped hoping either and even when it was my darkest hour, and I almost ain’t got more hope left of reaching the mountain, of ever returning, I still thought that… that… I could return to you…somehow. Thinking of you made me see the light amidst the dark, and I thank you, dearest Rosie.”

Kissing Sam tenderly and gently stroking the full head of dirty blond curls, Rosie replied, “I’m just glad you’re back in one piece, that you got rid of those ruffians, that you’re not hurt. Many times, I did lose hope but now that you’re in my arms, I don’t know that I ever would be this happy again… to have you again. I’ve missed you so, so, much--- did you know that?”

“I did too, Rosie my dear, so much,” Sam replied as he smiled back at Rosie and returned a kiss upon Rosie’s full lips, tasting the sweetness within. He held onto Rosie’s waist, outlining the shapes and curves of his sweetheart’s body. It had been so long, he had waited so incredibly long…

But duty came first as he had told Rosie vaguely on the day that he departed. He wasn’t upfront to how long he would be gone, tending to Mr. Frodo in Crickhollow, but Rosie questioned him until he could say no more.

“Why are you avoiding my eyes, Samwise Gamgee? What are you trying to hide?” Rosie had asked him as he inched farther away from her after telling her that he’ll be gone for a couple months with Mr. Frodo.

“Just didn’t want to get you that upset, is all… but yes’m, I will be with Mr. Frodo for a while up at Crickhollow---“

“Well that’s fine, Sam—I can visit you there and you can come back here when you’re off and with nothing to do, can’t you? The ride is not too far,” replied Rosie puzzled.

“Maybe…just…” But Sam couldn’t say anymore for fear of tears coming down his cheeks, of having his soft heart betray him and his feelings and how he wished that he didn’t have to tell the truth of why he was going away from Hobbiton. You’ll be a fool either way and make it harder to leave.

He didn’t want to keep Rosie’s hopes for him of ever returning yet he didn’t want to be selfish and plead that Rosie should wait for him. He just didn’t know what to say.

“What’s wrong Sam? Please tell me… I worry for you… you’ve been quiet these days and I worry a lot. What’s been really going on?”

“No, dear Rosie, nothin’ to worry about, really. I …I need to go now, I’ll write and…”

And before Rosie could say anymore, Sam left Rosie’s home not looking back, for he didn’t want Rosie to see his eyes full of tears. Puzzled and worried, Rosie stared after him in dismay as Sam went steadily and quickly in the direction of Bag End to further ready himself to leave Hobbiton with Frodo and Pippin as planned.

“Were you ever angry at me…for…leavin’ without a proper explanation?” Sam was gently fingering the lovely honey curls of Rosie’s full head while using his other arm to hold onto Rosie’s waist close to him.

“How could I be? Was more upset and worried, to tell you the truth—especially with Freddy coming back to report that you were off to the Old Forest! I just knew that you were with Mr. Frodo and that seemed good enough for me since he’s always been a good master and all. But the Old Forest has a lot of tales of hobbits never coming back and I wanted to cry when you did such a thing… but… but…”Rosie stopped to sigh, draping her arms around Sam’s neck. “I remained strong for the Gaffer and Marigold and my family, and told them you could not be dead and was coming back. They doubted me but my instinct told me to keep the hope and wait…” Rosie leaned into the nape of Sam’s neck and breathed in the warmth, comfort and security that he brought to her and didn’t want to think anymore of the past. There was a future to think about now, and she was excited about the prospects.

Whispering to him, “I’m just mighty glad that you’re back and …and… yes, it’s been tough but having you again can erase all that has ever happened this past year…and…and we can think about the future.”

“I know… I’m so glad to be with you too…thank you for waiting, Rosie, my dearest.”

“I always knew, Sam… I couldn’t have done otherwise. Your eyes told me more than words could say that day…” Rosie clutched tighter to Sam, not wanting the night to end so that she had to go home. “The night’s not cold one bit when you’re around, Sam…”

“I’m not cold one bit either…with you in my arms…” Sam nuzzled against Rosie, feeling the warmth emanate from her as he kissed tenderly upon her forehead and feeling her arms tight against his shoulder.

Gradually, rather unconsciously, their lips touched as it naturally melted into a lingering kiss. They kissed, for a while, reaffirming that nothing had ever changed; their relationship had endured even though they had been apart. Love had evidently sustained and there was no doubt that they were meant to be. And under the full moon under many stars, the two hobbits walked hand-in-hand back home.


A/N--Thanks to julchen11 and frodobaggins_88 fro initial thoughts. :)

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