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Antane's Anthology  by Antane

I Remember by Antane

I remember when we first met

Your eyes were bright with

innocence and enthusiasm

They are darker now

You've known such pain,

walked through such darkness

I wish I could have spared you from it all,

rescued you, saved you

But all I can do is hold you

And hope it is enough to heal the scars


A/N:  My apologies for those who are hearing this for the second or third time, but I know there are some who do not read my angst.  I'll be brief this time, I promise. If anyone wants the full version, go to the bottom of Hide and Seek that I just posted today.  I am seeking prayers for the spiritual and financial success of a book of the spirituality of LOTR that I am working on.  So please, my dear readers, pray for me and it!  Hantanyel and No Iluvatar na le.  *hobbity hugs for all*  Antane :)

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