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Antane's Anthology  by Antane

A Seat Among Them

“But if you take it freely, I will say that your choice is right; and though all the mighty elf-friends of old, Hador, and Hurin, and Turin, and Beren himself were assembled together, your seat should be among them.” - Elrond

The shining souls that had once been the mortals Frodo and Samwise looked up in awe at the great thrones upon which the heroes of old sat. The four solemnly bowed their heads to the newcomers.

Oh, Mr. Frodo, look, there's an empty one there, right beside Mr. Beren. It's yours, just like Lord Elrond said. The bright light that was the younger hobbit looked at his beloved master. It would make me that happy to see you sit there in your rightful place.

No, Sam, I'm afraid I can't do that.

The light dimmed just a bit in confusion. Whyever not?

The light of the elder Ring-bearer brightened in response as he looked at his guardian and heartbrother. Because, dearest, you will be sitting there with me and you won't be able to see me rightly being beside me.

Sam's light flared in alarm. Me?! That place is for you, Mr. Frodo. Sam looked back at the throne. It's too grand for the likes of me.

But didn't Aragorn place us both on his throne? This will be just like that.

That was too grand as well and this is far, far more, begging your pardon.

Well, Sam, we are both going to sit there or neither of us will. Didn't I tell you that I wouldn't have got far without you? You're the reason I could do all the good that I did. I'm not going to budge until you come too.

Frodo could have sworn he heard his beloved friend sigh. Sam could have sworn he saw his master's crossed arms and planted feet. How well he knew how stubborn his heartbrother could be.

Well, if that's the only way you are going to sit there proper like you should...

The light of the Ring-bearer brightened even more. The other figures sat solemnly still, though Beren seemed to be smiling slightly at Frodo's smug victory.’Tis so, my Sam.

Frodo's light spread out further, as though a hand was grasping onto Sam's. But even as the two lights began to meld, the younger was not about to give up. His master could be as stubborn as any, but Sam had learned a few things about being that from him.

Can't I leastways just look at you for a moment sitting there all by your own self?

Frodo's light dimmed a fraction as he considered his brother's request, trying to determine if it were a deception to get out of sitting there himself. Then it brightened as though a smile lit up his entire being.

Of course, my Sam, as long as I can also get a look at you, sitting there all yourself too.

Frodo felt Sam's frown, just as he knew that Sam could sense his victorious smile. There was another sigh.

Now, Sam dear, you should know far before now, that you can never outstubborn a Baggins.

Now it seemed all four figures were smiling a bit.

I know that well enough, Mr. Frodo mine, but I will let you get your way, if you let me get mine.

Then it's settled.

The two moved toward the empty seat. Frodo climbed onto it first, making sure not to let go of Sam's hand since he still did not trust his brother not to wish to get away. He waited patiently while his beloved guardian looked upon him with great love and satisfaction.

Happy now, my Sam?

Sam's light flared the brightest it had yet. Yes, my Mr. Frodo dear, it's just where you should be.

Frodo stepped off the seat. Now, dearest, let me see you there because you belong there even more.

Sam reluctantly sat down, but his master's joy at seeing him there overwhelmed any other discomfort he had. He began to squirm a bit though when Frodo didn't return straightaway to his rightful seat. He tugged at his hand. Come back up, m'dear.

The Ring-bearer's light brightened even further as he became the very soul of accommodation. Of course, my Sam, anything you want. He climbed back up and held Sam's hand tighter against him.

The other beings there smiled at the end of the entire exchange. The amusement deep in the air was heard clearly in the Voice that came to them.

Well done, My good and faithful servants.

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