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Antane's Anthology  by Antane

Light to See By

In the dark waste that was Mordor, Sam cradled his beloved master in his arms and gave a larger bit of the lembas bread that he normally portioned out. It broke his heart that it was still so very, very far below what was right and proper for a hobbit to eat. Frodo was almost pitifully glad to receive it between his cracked lips and painfully swallowed it with two sips of water, fed to him as a mother would give to her dying child. The Ring-bearer licked his lips to make sure he got every last bit. Sam wished he had tears left so he could have them fall on his master’s face to help further relieve him. Frodo lay back in his guardian’s arms with an exhausted sigh. “Thank you, my Sam,” he croaked and closed his eyes, “for everything.” The last was a murmur, almost too soft to be heard as sleep took him.

Sam watched the frail being in his arms for a long time and even as his heart broke, it swelled with love and pride as well. His master was filthy, there was barely a clean scrap of fair skin to be seen. He was breathing heavily from lack of water and his figure was painfully thin. He was trembling and murmuring in his sleep, words that Sam could not understand. At times his hands batted at something from his dreams and the gardener stilled them with a kiss and put them back at Frodo’s side to lay limply there. There was a horrible red burn that was weeping around his neck where the chain was. The Ring lay directly over his heart, tearing it apart. To Sam, he never looked so beautiful, for he was willingly suffering for all of them. But the thing that captivated his gaze was that his master’s light was still softly shining. All the way it had, and it had guided and lit Sam’s way sure as the Star he had seen. He kissed his master’s head. “Thank you, Mr. Frodo, dear.”


A/N:  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates such!  My thanks to all my loyal reviewers and readers! This will likely be my last post until after Christmas so Blessed Advent and Merry Christmas to all that applies to and see you on the other side!  God bless, Antane :)

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