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Shire Yule  by Dreamflower

Though I have written several Yule stories before, many of them found in my "Mathoms" anthologies, I am planning for quite a number of them this year.  So I am creating a separate place for them.

They are more or less in chronological order, though they'll be interspersed with some of the stories I've done before, so in case anyone wants to read them that way, I will provide links to the previously posted stories.

Before the first story in this anthology, these two stories take place:

YULE AMONG THE BEORNINGS--Bilbo's Yule on his Adventure...

BRANDY HALL, HEARTHSIDE AT YULE, S.R. 1349-- A Yule evening around the fireside at Brandy Hall with a number of young hobbits, and Bilbo…


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