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Shire Yule  by Dreamflower

Summary: Bilbo and baby Frodo, Yule, 1368 and a brief encounter (A double drabble)


Bilbo stood by the hearth in Drogo‘s and Primula‘s Brandy Hall apartment, warming his chill hands, and breathing in the scent of the cut evergreens that garlanded the mantelpiece. While he had always looked forward to Yule at Brandy Hall, this year had found him more eager than usual.

For only a little more than three months ago, he had found himself quite taken with an infant pair of blue eyes, and he wondered if the child would still seem as remarkable as he had upon first acquaintance.

Ah! Here was Primula now, her son squirming and gurgling in her arms. Bilbo turned to them, and reached in his pocket for the silver rattle he had brought as a gift.

“Frodo, here is your Uncle Bilbo.” She held the baby out.

Carefully he took the babe, who reached out to grip his finger with a strong, if tiny hand. He looked at Primula helplessly, for he could not hold the child and give him his gift at the same time.

Laughing, she took the bauble, and distracted Frodo, who released Bilbo’s finger to grasp for it.

Bilbo was rewarded by a toothless grin, and a tiny laugh like silver chimes.

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