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Tiny Tales  by shirebound

Written for Lindahoyland's challenge on Livejournal:  Include these six words in a story of any length:


Another Busy Day

“I’m naught but a slave to the quails, Mr. Frodo,” Sam said with a heavy sigh. “No time for myself anymore, no time at all.”

“I’ve noticed,” Frodo agreed. He scraped up the last forkful of the savory lamb stew on his plate, then refilled both of their cups. “You did volunteer, remember. Why don’t you just tell Aragorn you can’t help out any longer?”

“Not help out?” Sam asked incredulously. “That’s not even a question, sir. The City has so few gardeners as it is, and they need all the help they can get replanting and tending to useful herbs, seeing as how they all have to spend time rebuilding their homes down in the Circles that were broken up in the fighting.”

“And then there are the quails,” Frodo reminded him.

“Absolutely,” Sam said emphatically. “What will the babies eat if they can’t get enough seeds and plants?”

“Quails are good eating.”

“They certainly are,” Sam agreed, “and the City’ll have no lack if we can keep them alive, and the babies fed. But nobody’s eating Fredegar and his family, not if Sam Gamgee has anything to say about it.” He pointed outside, where a family of quail was walking about their small courtyard. “Look, sir, they’ve discovered the sunflower seeds!” Sam exclaimed happily. He took a last swallow of the excellent wine, got to his feet, and strapped on his well-worn pack, now filled with small tools, seeds, and a variety of fruit tarts for afternoon sustenance. 

“Enjoy your day, Master Gamgee,” Frodo said.

“I know I will, sir,” Sam said contentedly. “I’ll be back by suppertime.”

"I know you will,” Frodo said with a knowing smile.

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