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Tiny Tales  by shirebound

Written for Lindahoyland's challenge on Livejournal:  Include these six words in a story of any length:


Wrapped in Love

“Don’ like ginger tea,” Elanor said petulantly.

“I know, my blossom,” Rosie said, “but it’ll help your tummy.”

“More honey?” the little girl asked hopefully.

Rosie smiled, having anticipated the question, then drizzled a bit more honey into the cup. “There you are.”

Elanor obediently sipped at her tea.

“There now,” Rosie crooned softly. She planted a shower of kisses on her little one’s forehead, enough to make Elanor giggle, then turned down the lamp next to the bed. “Try to sleep, sweetheart. You’ll feel better when you wake up.”

Elanor closed her eyes and nestled down into the special big quilt Uncle Frodo had left for them. Soon she drifted into one of her happy dreams of sailing little boats at the edge of a white sandy shore, while someone stood nearby, smiling down at her.

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