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Second Chances  by Larner

For Lady Sherlockian and Lame Pegasus for their birthdays.

Cue 27:  A legacy of a trunk. 


            The trunk given him by his uncle was of a rare, aromatic wood that Aragorn had never seen, even in Rivendell.  “It is said this was brought to Middle Earth from Númenor by Elendil himself.  As Isildur’s Heir, it is now yours.”

            Filled with wonder, the young Man lifted the lid to see what keepsakes his forebears had sought to safeguard within it.

            Within he found documents, journals, a set of pieces for Kings and Castles carved of ebony and ivory, and a rattle that brought back memories of the house in which he’d dwelt with his parents.

            “I remember!”

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