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Second Chances  by Larner

Cue 28:  Favorite Month – April  

Sam’s Birthday Blessing

            “It’s your birthday, love.”

            “I know, and the Mallorn is bloomin’ now, as it always seems t’do.  But, how does a tree know as it’s my birthday?”

            Rosie smiled.  “It does seem a wonder.  Do you think as Master Frodo has anythin’ t’do with it, there in the Elven Lands?”

            “Don’t see how.  It bloomed the first time that first April, not more’n a month after I planted it, and afore he left us, bless him.  But I’m certain as he approved of it even then.”

            “Well, he’s in the right place t’thank them as sees it done, I’d think.”

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