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Second Chances  by Larner

For Inzilbeth_Liz for her birthday.

Cue 29:  Wrongful accusation 

Discord Sown 

            “But, my Lord Father, this policy will hurt many innocent people!”

            “Do you believe my judgment faulty, Faramir?”

            “No!  But we would be ill advised to commit to a law that would be a hardship to so many.”


            After the Council was dismissed, one minor lord lingered.  “Why does your son repeatedly argue against you, Lord Denethor, and undermine your authority?”

            Three times in the last year had Faramir countered the Man’s suggestions, demonstrating that they were self-serving and against the best interest of the realm.  But still the apparent defiance was unwelcome.

            Boromir would not speak to me so.

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