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The Purple Path  by Dreamflower

B2MeM Prompt and Path:: Purple Path, Prompt--the Darkening of Valinor (Square Five)
Format: Art, Mixed Media
Genre: Collage
Rating: G
Warnings: n/a
Characters: Ungoliant, Laurelin, Telperion
Pairings: n/a
Creator’s Notes (optional): My first piece of art for the 2017 B2MeM
Summary: Ungoliant attacks Laurelin and Telperion
Ungoliant and the Two Trees

Click on the link below to see the art.

Mixed Media collage, using cardstock, scrapbooking paper, acrylic paints, embossing powder, Mod Podge(TM) and calligraphy.

I used acrylics to create the sky on the background on a 12"x12" piece of canvas-textured cardstock. Then I used scrapbook paper, sponged with metallic gold for Laurelin and metallic silver for Telperion. I cut the trees from a pattern I made, and glued the trunks to the background, making sure to intertwine the branches in the center. I used gold and silver embossing powder for each of the trees, and set it with a heat gun.

Then I used a pattern I made for a spider, and cut it out of black cardstock, which I placed at the bottom, partially covering the Trees. I used a sponge and black acrylic paint to show the darkness coming from Ungoliant. Finally, I used a piece of grey scrapbook paper to write the quotation:
But Ungoliant sucked it up, and going then from Tree to Tree she set her black beak to their wounds, till they were drained...

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