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The Purple Path  by Dreamflower

B2MeM Prompt and Path: Purple path; Prompt--a verse of the "Misty Mountain song", quoted below 
Format: Drabble
Genre: Gapfiller
Rating: G
Warnings: n/a
Characters: Bilbo
Pairings: n/a
Creator’s Notes (optional):
Summary: "Bilbo went to sleep with that [song] in his ears, and it gave him very uncomfortable dreams. It was long after the break of day, when he woke up."-The Hobbit, "An Unexpected Party"-


Beyond the Dreams of Avarice

On silver necklaces they strung
The flowering stars, on crowns they hung
The dragon-fire, in twisted wire
They meshed the light of moon and sun.
-The Hobbit, "An Unexpected Party"-

Bilbo woke, sitting straight up in his bed. His heart was pounding, his breath caught in his throat. He'd had no such disturbing dreams since he had been a young tween, fever-dreams during the Fell Winter. The songs of the Dwarves were haunting, melancholy and strange.

But what disturbed him now was not the dragon, horrible as it sounded. Death and destruction were things of horror and sorrow; but the beauty frightened him, visions of gems, bright as the Stars and Moon, and a feeling of yearning. Such things as treasures were not for hobbits and could only bring trouble.

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