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While There's Breath...  by Lindelea 54 Review(s)
Nienor NinielReviewed Chapter: 6 on 9/26/2006
Another bunch of reviews!

I read this one and the next I'll review last night, but was too tired to type in coherent English... at least what goes as coherent for me.

I LOVED this! I really like it whenever you write about the complicated relationship between Pippin and Ferdi, and it is so great to see Ferdi trusting Pippin again. The predicament you brought them in worked so well in the way Ferdi had to rely completely on Pippin, and Ferdi reacted to te situation like I would have expected him to do.

It's also very Ferdi-like how things go afterwards: no big, emotional Talk between the two, just Ferdi taking care of Pippin and doing some thinking for himself.

As I said: I loved this! Nienor

Author Reply: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

(fervent, because this reply is so very belated)

Somehow I missed this review until tonight. I do appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts. You've been a thoughtful and generous reader.


ArielReviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/6/2005
Done! And done well. I was wondering if you'd make Pippin sick 'again' - LOL! Thank you for an enjoyable story. Now I can start on the next one.

Author Reply: Well, you're welcome! It would have been logical for Pippin to be sick after that interlude in the icy river, but for the fact that he "needed" to be well and hale for the journey to Buckland in only a few days' time. Sometimes when writing you come smack dab up against an already-established timeline (either by Tolkien, or if it's me, my own, which is sometimes quite inconvenient). So we'll just say that it wasn't the right time for Pippin to catch a cold, or pneumonia, or anything in between.

Must have been something in Efram's draught, perhaps.

Thanks for reading & commenting!

Author Reply: p.s. I *did* make Pippin sick again. Only not in this story. (See "A Took by any Other Name" for details. And yes, we're really talking angst. See how well I've learned from your example, "Teach"?)

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 6 on 2/2/2005
Ferdi - he's just so flipping noble! He would sacrifice himself to save Pippin. Good job he didn't have to. Good thing he kept fighting for Nell, too. I don't know if she could have survived another widowing - even with the infant-to-come.

Mutter of 'sorcery' indeed. There's a rustic as needs some Pippin-inspired water rescue training! Just as well Haldi was around to be loud and sensible - and informative.

I just love it when Ferdi gets into the hands of the healers - he's so snappy with them, and witty with it. And he and Pippin are a proper Laurel and Hardy.

But I think Pippin is a good ninr tenths of the way to convincing his cousin that he has grown up into a worthwhile person. Either that, or Ferdi seriously doesn't want to cross the Brandywine.

A most enjoyable tale.

Author Reply: LOL "so flipping noble"

Am going to have a little fun with the Ferdi-Pippin relationship in the next story on the schedule, working title "A Took by any Other Name".

Poor Nell, I'm not sure she would survive, either, no matter what Ferdi tells himself.

Snorked at your estimation of Ferdi--interesting summation. Either he's noble and finally fair-minded, or he's seriously spooked at the thought of yet *another* river...


AuntiemeeshReviewed Chapter: 6 on 2/1/2005
This is a wonderful story! I've got a whole stack of your stories to read and I'm clearly starting at the wrong end of things, but I loved this. It's very well written, with excellent character development, as well as a tense and captivating plot. :)

Author Reply: Why thank you! I'm glad you had time to read and comment!

(Reviews are so encouraging, aren't they? *g* If dh didn't want the computer back I'd sit here and write a chapter of something...)

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 6 on 2/1/2005
Excellently written, and love the characterizations.

Author Reply: Ah, thank you!

Ferdi's surrender was sudden, and total, and I hope it was believable.

Anso the HobbitReviewed Chapter: 6 on 2/1/2005
Another great chapter. I was afraid thiw swas when Ferdi would lose his eyesight for all that time, but now he sees again. I hope Pip will be all right. Merry need him on the 15th.

Author Reply: Ferdi actually loses his eyesight in "Where the Merlin Cries", and at the time I wrote that one I was thinking more hysterical blindness (had been researching shell shock from the Great War) than physical cause. But after our little one suffered temporary blindness in one eye (with a slight concussion) it seemed as if it might work in a story.

And yes, Pippin *has* to be all right because when "At the End of His Rope" starts he's on his way back from Buckland!


Mysterious JediReviewed Chapter: 6 on 1/31/2005
Excellent, as always. Interesting how the temporary blindness is just a foretaste of things to come :)

Author Reply: Ah yes, that foreshadowing...


DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 6 on 1/31/2005
Rats! I hit the wrong button and the darn review disappeared. *grmble*grumble*laptop* (I want *my* computer back! waaa..)

This was a great ending! Lovely to see Ferdi's trust renewed, and a new appreciation of Pippin in place. I had to laugh at Pippin's response to Ferdi's cutting him loose: an hour's freedom, before he comes under Merry's watchful eye...(but somehow, Merry's vigilance doesn't fret him quite so much as the escort's)

Speaking of Merry: You've left this nice little two week gap between this story and "At the End of His Rope" that's just begging to be filled with a visit in Buckland and Pippin helping his cousin deal with his annual bout of the Shadow...*hint*hint* (shoves bunny in your direction with toe, backs off whistling innocently...)

Author Reply: I hate it when that happens! Bad laptop! Bad! Behave yourself!

Whenever it happens to me, for awhile afterwards I'm cautious and write my reviews in a "write mail" window, and eventually I am lulled into false security once more...

That bunny has not yet nibbled (the two weeks in Buckland), but you never know.

At the moment I am fighting off a "Jack" bunny, a story of one of his rambles through the Shire before Paladin became Thain... wouldn't it be funny if he'd met a very young Pippin?

And then there are the two WIPs, "Thain" and Rosemary's story...

And then there is Woodruff's story, which keeps rearing its head and nudging at me to outline it at the very least.

And if I buckle down and write on those it leaves me precious little time to read.

What to do?

Hai TookReviewed Chapter: 6 on 1/31/2005
It is sp very nice to see the trust restored in Pippin! Ferdi got a little taste of being blind, although he seemed a little more prepared for it this time than he does when he is actually made blind! Of course who would really want to be blind.

Ferdi making a deal with Pippin to cut him loose for a while was a nice sign of the trust that has bloomed between them. That whole life for a life things seems to have worked out.

I'm sorry it's over but it was fun while it lasted! I guess there will be another one at some point! Thank you for all of the fun!

Author Reply: Well after thinking it through, I decided that Ferdi was able to handle the thought of being blind in this story much better than in "Where the Merlin Cries" because he still had all his other faculties. In "Merlin" when he awakened blind, he couldn't feel his arms and could only perceive one leg, so in addition to being blind he had the idea that he was to be a helpless invalid, and he just couldn't handle such a thing, no matter that his father had lived armless and legless for years... or perhaps because of that fact.

You're welcome, and thanks for taking the time to comment!

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 6 on 1/31/2005

A wonderful, wonderful ending to a wonderful story!!! VWD indeed!!! :)

Author Reply: Ah, thank you, Pearl. I'm glad the ending worked!

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