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Untold Tales of the Mark: The Banishment of Éomer  by Katzilla 83 Review(s)
galathilReviewed Chapter: 80 on 1/15/2012
Dear Katzilla,I have just stumbled across this story and am enjoying it.when are you going to write the next chapter? I have to find out what how this wonderful story finishs.LOL Galathil

Author Reply: Hello Galathil,

I'm sorry, I just saw your comment! Thank you so much for the kind words; however, unfortunately I don't have any good news for you, as I consider this story completed. There will be no additional chapter. :-(


PipMerReviewed Chapter: 39 on 1/23/2009
I am only about half-way finished with this story, but I am hooked!! You are very talented at painting the emotions of people, as well as the landscapes and background. I rarely see such gifted writing in fanfiction; Well done!

Author Reply: Hello PipMer,

and thank you so much for your kind words! I'm happy to hear that you enjoy my *little* tale of epic woe in Rohan. It helps especially now as I'm a bit struggling not with writer's block (on Adventures of an Éored), but a general absence of my writing muse although I know exactly what I want to write. I hope that one of these days, the words start flowing again.

Best wishes,

StefaniaReviewed Chapter: 12 on 8/20/2008
Hi katzilla -

What a great piece of action this chapter is. I could see all the events happening as though they were in a film. I'm really enjoying your story so far.

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 80 on 5/10/2008
I swore I had reviewed this before. Thankfully, I kept my notes.

It was so nice to have Eomer rememeber the young guard in the midst of the horror that has taken place. And I love the young man's discomfiture! Blessed Rohirrim! And Eomer's promise to not forget the deeds of this man compared to the deeds of others at that time.

I sadly wondered how many times Eomer will think that he is so unlike Theodred... I hope that he comes to value himself when he becomes king.

Dearest Theoden's hope at the beginning of their conversation mirrored mine.

I loved Eomer's trying to gain courage. Such a difficult thing for a man such as he in this instance. Much easier fighting the enemy than enduring this interview! Oh! And the toast was painful!!!

I noted immediately that Eomer called him 'uncle' - hooray! and the moisture in Theoden's eyes... and I cried yeah when Eomer spoke of healing the rift. And another yeah when Eomer spoke of his love vs the snake's machinations... and Theoden's tears... *sobs* And Theoden's embrace and its return! YES!... I had to LOL when we see Eowyn fully dressed (but what's hiding under her outer garments???... And the torment the poor thing is still undergoing with her dreams... and her mind unhinging - what a hideous thought!... Ah ha! and then a hooray when we discover that she is, in fact, planning... *giggles* you know what!.... I again LOL at the 'effect' of the Ent drought! ... Her sadness at farewelling her brother... her horror at the thought of the upcoming battle... Theoden must have looked absolutely splendid in his battle armor upon Snowman's back - breath-takingly impressive! I love your description... I loved the Hobbit's bravado...

One thing I must also applaud you on - the song as they rode forth - one of the neatest scenes that Tolkien gives us is the song of the Rohirrim upon the battlefield of the Pelennor. I love you presaging that!!! And their horns as they leave foreshadowing the horns at their entrance that proclaims, "Gondor - Rohan has answered!" *shivers in joy*

And the ending paragraph was BETTER THAN PJ's!!!!

Thank you for spending so much of these last months/years upon crafting such a wondrous tale and sharing it with us.


AinarielReviewed Chapter: 80 on 4/25/2008
Have followed this story for almost 2 years, and to be truthful, I'm almost sad it's ended. You have definately captured the spirit of the Rohan - and her people!

The only thing that I found a bit disappointing was that I really wanted to see Grima pay for his crimes - especially the torment he caused Eowyn. Of course, I have an active imagination, so I've just let my own mind go on that one.

Well done!

Author Reply: Hello Ainariel,

thanks so much for your comment; it is a wonderful feeling to hear that people will miss my story now that it's done. It is still a strange thought for me, too. I am happy to hear that you think that I succeeded in capturing the spirit of the Rohirrim; they are by far my favourite people in Tolkien's work; so heroic and still down-to-earth.

Concerning Gríma: I needed to let it end like this because of "A Rohan ghost Story", which I hope to rewrite into an "official" sequel of "Banishment"... but there is one major problem I must still get my head around, first, and as soon as I have a solution for that, I will do it. Still, if you want to see what's coming for Gríma, I suggest you risk an eye and have a little look...

Thanks so much for letting me know your thoughts!


mistry89Reviewed Chapter: 80 on 4/19/2008
This was an epic indeed! Thank you for the tale and for perhaps revealing how Eowyn could have escaped detection amongst the riders - she was taller!

Thank you again, one for the re-read pile :)

Author Reply: Hi Mistry89,

and thank you so much for letting me know your thoughts. I am very proud to hear that you consider my "little tale" good enough to land on the "re-read pile". ;-)


Lady BluejayReviewed Chapter: 80 on 4/15/2008
Well done,Katja.

Its always difficult to part with a story - and especially an epic such as this. Looking forward to the next! LBJ

Author Reply: Hi Sidonie,

and thank you! Yes, it is a strange feeling to part with "Banishment"; it has been a major part of my life for the last 2.5 years. But of course, there is still lots of betaing to do, and some rewriting, as well, so it is not yet *really* beyond my horizon.

Thanks for letting me know your thoughts!


Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 79 on 2/25/2008
Whooo hooo! Great chapter and great idea about the drought! Should work. LOL - I'm just wondering about the side affects myself - hope Faramir's tall.... *giggles appreciatively*

I had to Yikes when I read the first part and I sincerelly hoped it was a dream! Too horrid to even imagine. I actually got chills as Eowyn... *shivers*

And then of course, had to say Hooray! Though she was still suffering, this reader was most relieved!

Again - great chapter. I REALLLLLLLLLLLY look forward to the next one - my heart is in my throat for Eomer and Theoden.....

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 78 on 2/11/2008
I really hate the ending of a good tale - but it is time to let the Rohirrim rest - at least for a time : )

I was saddened by Eomer's almost disregard for those who had died - saying they brought it upon themselves. These were wondrous brave men who made mistakes but in the end helped save Rohan by holding it until Eomer could save it himself. I was glad to see that he changed his tune, so to speak, towards the end. It was incredibly sad that Rohan was diminished by 15 men that they would desperately need in the coming battle - fifteen seasoned warriors!

I liked that he hugged Eowyn finally - they BOTH needed that.

I liked seeing the beacons from the Rohirric POV. I think so much on them as a Gondorian that it was really neat seeing them... but Halifirien to be lit just at that time - typically sad timing!

I like Theoden's thought that 'no enemy ever prevailed when Gondor and Rohan stood side by side...' NICE

And I'm really wondering what's going to happen to Eowyn since she really doesn't seem fit to ride. Is Dernhelm going to be stymied???

I very much liked Maelwyn's wit!

A great chapter - as always...

Author Reply: Hi Agape,

yes, I agree, it is time for the Rohirrim to rest. I've tormented them long enough, I suppose ;-) Yet of course I was wrong again, there is still one more chapter to write, but it won't be a long one.

I don't think Éomer wanted to express disregard for the fallen warriors, it is only that he saw it as an utter waste, when they could have chased Gríma away years earlier. Instead, they chase him away.

That scene of the signal fire on Halifiren blazing in the evening sky gave me chills once it entered my mind. I think this is really an inconsistancy in Tolkien's books, because he *does* speak of the fires... but then Théoden is alarmed when the messenger from gondor gives him the "Red arrow". I think this would have been very impractible and unreliable, because a messenger is slow, and he can easily be interfered. for once, PJ changed the storyline here for the better, I think.

I am most curious to hear what you think about Éowyn's miracle recovery though. Bless Dwimmerlaik for that idea, because I was severly stuck and did not know at all how to get her fit enough to ride in time. Thank you, Dwim!!!!

Thanks so much for your wonderful reviews!

FantasiaReviewed Chapter: 78 on 2/11/2008
As always, I enjoyed the chapter, it is a great story; all your stories are good.
Just one comment, you never mention the healer's son that got kill trying to reach Eomer with the weapons. Don't you think that Eowyn and Eomer should thank his parents as they did with her maid? I recall that the healer was in another story, well now I'm not sure if your story or the ones that you co-author with Timmy2222, sometimes I get confuse with the two of you, because you use the same characters. And fix your other fic and don not kill Eothian, I like him.
I'm waiting for more fics from you, I always read them, it's just that I'm very lazy and don't review too much.

Author Reply: Hi Fantasia,

and thank you so very much for letting me know your thoughts; it is much appreciated. :-) I very much like your suggestion re. Élric's parents, although I don't think they would want to be rewarded when their son has died. But I will definitely mention it when I polish the story.

Well, yes, Timmy2222 and I are two different people; she used to be an avid Aragorn-Lover while I fancied my horse-lords, and so we decided to work together for a few stories, but these days, we're going our separate waysa again. Yálanda was indeed in "Twilight of the Gods". I always like to use personnel from my previous stories (provided I didn't kill them off ;-)).

Thanks for coming out of lurking for your review, and I hope that perhaps, I will hear from you again. :-)


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