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Untold Tales of the Mark: The Banishment of Éomer  by Katzilla
A very AU take of what Éomer's banishment could have been like... dark and angsty, as you would expect of me. Finally COMPLETED!! Chapter 80: "Into the Storm" Winner of 2008 MEFA-Awards: "Alternate Universe: General"
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: The Hearing2
Chapter  2: Leaving Edoras3
Chapter  3: A Game of Chess0
Chapter  4: First Moves0
Chapter  5: Countering0
Chapter  6: Hunters and the Hunted1
Chapter  7: The Longest Night0
Chapter  8: Dawn of the New Day0
Chapter  9: Dismissal and Return0
Chapter 10: Evil Schemes2
Chapter 11: Plans in the Dark3
Chapter 12: Unbidden Visitors1
Chapter 13: The Will to Live1
Chapter 14: Confrontation0
Chapter 15: A desperate Attempt0
Chapter 16: Last Chance3
Chapter 17: The End of the Path0
Chapter 18: The Three Hunters0
Chapter 19: A Healer's Hands1
Chapter 20: The Nature of the Beast1
Chapter 21: In the Wolf's Den0
Chapter 22: Challenged1
Chapter 23: The Battle for Meduseld1
Chapter 24: Abandon all Hope0
Chapter 25: Awakenings0
Chapter 26: Revelations0
Chapter 27: Rebellion0
Chapter 28: A Siege and a Vow0
Chapter 29: Confessions1
Chapter 30: Battle Plans0
Chapter 31: Storm Clouds1
Chapter 32: The Eagle of the Star0
Chapter 33: The Hour of the Wolves1
Chapter 34: The Heart of Darkness1
Chapter 35: The Aftermath2
Chapter 36: Interlude0
Chapter 37: The Farmer and the Warrior0
Chapter 38: Duty and Privilege0
Chapter 39: Cat and Mouse1
Chapter 40: Farewells1
Chapter 41: Westward2
Chapter 42: A Strange Discovery0
Chapter 43: War Council0
Chapter 44: The Heirloom of a Great Man1
Chapter 45: The Worm's Lair3
Chapter 46: A Cursed Life0
Chapter 47: Living Legend0
Chapter 48: The Grey Company0
Chapter 49: Preparations0
Chapter 50: A Warrior to a Leader0
Chapter 51: To War1
Chapter 52: The Fords of the Isen1
Chapter 53: Isengard0
Chapter 54: Deeds of Arms2
Chapter 55: Fire and Water2
Chapter 56: The River's Fury1
Chapter 57: An Ending and a Beginning1
Chapter 58: Besieged1
Chapter 59: To Edoras1
Chapter 60: Assaults in the Night0
Chapter 61: Hide and Seek2
Chapter 62: Forth Éorlingas!3
Chapter 63: Victory and Defeat1
Chapter 64: Homecoming2
Chapter 65: The Marshal and the King2
Chapter 66: A Battle of a Different Kind4
Chapter 67: Estrangement1
Chapter 68: The Marshal and the King - Part 21
Chapter 69: A Perilous Path2
Chapter 70: A Meeting of Old Friends1
Chapter 71: A Night to Remember2
Chapter 72: Descent0
Chapter 73: Leap of Faith3
Chapter 74: Farewell to New Friends2
Chapter 75: Kindred Souls2
Chapter 76: Shadows1
Chapter 77: No easy Answers1
Chapter 78: Call to Arms3
Chapter 79: A Hobbit's Proposal1
Chapter 80: Into the Storm5

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