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The Wars of the Valar  by Fiondil 12 Review(s)
MikoNoNyteReviewed Chapter: 999999 on 12/31/2013
This was a difficult story, which you already know. My days of college astronomy are far, far behind me and I admit struggling to keep up even with the explanations. Probably why I am an accountant and not a scientist. *grins*

For me, the real meat of this story was watching Namo's development - his maturation. All the other stories were just as valid: the battles with the Maiar, the subsequent betrayals, the less-than-stellar decisions of Manwe. We often think of Manwe as a nearly omniscient being, but here we see his true vulnerability and insecurity.

The dark parts - the tortures both psychic, emotional and physical were sad, frightening and disturbing. Not because they were written down - no! While reading these scenes, especially the betrayals, I was moved to question how anyone, but especially a Maiar - a child of the Thought of Eru, could "fall so far from Grace" as to be bought for the carrot of lies paraded about as Truth by Melko. His tongue must have been sweet indeed to paint pictures so corrupted as images of desirable Light. It was very disturbing on the same level as seeing terrorist bombings, mass murders or rapists on the daily news.

How humanity has fallen! and shadowed the steps of those fallen Maiar!

See? This is the mark, in my mind, to a great piece. It sets up channels of thought, some old, some new, and not only entertains, but educates.

Thank you for this wonderful piece, Fiondil.

And for the record, no I did not read this and Elf Redux 2 this quickly. But time and tide, it took me a while to get back and type up remark.

Have a wonderful New Year!

Author Reply: Hi NikoNoNyte. This was not an easy story to write, either, on mnany levels. It started out as an exploration of who the Valar were before they became the Valar, especially Námo, who doesn't become Lord of the Dead until they build Valinor, and for the Valar, that's pretty late in the day. And it is difficult to imagine how any being who has stood before the Throne of Eru could possibly reject Him, but there you are.

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed this story however disturbing parts of it were. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I really appreciate it. And Happy New Year!

Glory BeeReviewed Chapter: 999999 on 5/2/2012
Fiondil, as always this was brilliant! The amount of research you do really is unparallelled. I so appreciate how much I learned while reading this.:)I definitely do have to read HOME sometime as the Silmarillion does not go into much detail about many events.

I suspect Namo is your favorite Vala, I had loved your characterization of him when I read the Elf Interrupted stories and now I understand the painful events in his life that so shaped him to be the loving comforter he became. I was glad you included his love story with Vaire in this.:)

I found while reading this that I thought a lot about my own Christian faith, thinking much of the War in Heaven and Lucifer's Fall and chaining, but seeing overall the unconditional love of the Father. Thank you once again!

Blessings, DEB

Author Reply: Hi Glory Bee. I'm glad you enjoyed reading this. Wars is still my personal favorite simply because I was able to play with it so much (Tolkien gives us NO details about what the Valar were doing until the created Arda and it was interesting to see the Valar before they became the Valar as we know them through the Silmarillion, especially people like Námo, who obviously had no josb description as the Lord of the Dead way back then.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read and review. I appreciate it very much.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 999999 on 2/2/2009
And so we all add to the population of Arda, do we not? Thanks for this.

Author Reply: You're welcome, Larner. I will continue to add to this list whenever I create a new OC Maia character (as I did for a to-be-posted chapter of "Elf, Interrupted"). Even if they do not make an appearance in this story, they are there in the background and I wish to acknowledge their existence.

IlluvindeurReviewed Chapter: 999999 on 7/30/2008
Best fanfiction I have ever read. This story I will read over and over again. Had me in the end when Tulkas comes alas. I don't think there is a better story out there. Please, keep writing.

Author Reply: Thanks, Illuvindeur. I really appreciate your letting me know how much you are enjoying this story. There will be a slight delay before I can get the next chapter up as I'm presently traveling, making my way across Asia and Europe via the Trans-Siberian railway. I'm writing this response in Moscow. I'll be updating with a new chapter in a couple of weeks once I get to my ultimate destination in Germany. So keep your eyes open. *grin*

6336Reviewed Chapter: 999999 on 4/25/2008
Happy Birthday Ea! Score one for the Aynmuz(sp?)! Namo did good and he and Vaire are finally getting married, yay! Do we get invites to the wedding? Somebody should find a deep, dark hole and stuff Melkor in, but Atar has plans for him, not sure if we will like them, but 'Atar knows best'!:<)
More please,

Author Reply: So why are you posting this review for chapter 26 here? *scratches head in befuddlement*

Anyway, it's 'Happy Birthday Arda!' Eä has already been created, or didn't you notice?

As for the wedding... we'll have to see. I'm still looking for my own invitation. *grin*

And Atar always knows best, even when we don't think He does.

AglarendisReviewed Chapter: 999999 on 10/23/2007
Wow, thank you Fiondil! This character list really helps. I appreciate the number and variety of characters, but sometimes it gets interesting trying to remember who is who. It will be good to have this as a reference when and if I get confused.

Author Reply: Thanks Aglarendis. I'm gald this will be helpful to you as you read the story.

ImhirielReviewed Chapter: 999999 on 10/15/2007
Thanks very much for the character list - I found it absolutely fascinating, the names and their meanings, and how the names of the Maiar often reflected the responsibilities of the Valar they served.

Regarding Olórin's uncertain "fealty", I find your answer to another review very plausible. His wisdom must in part be because he didn't limit his interests, and explored different avenues.

Oh, this leads me just now as I type to another thought: perhaps that is why he was so fond of Pippin and was (relatively *g*) patient with his curiosity and interminable questions.

Author Reply: No doubt... the tweenager probably reminded him of himself when he was... er... younger. *grin* Glad you like the list. Hope it helps keep everyone straight as the story continues.

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 999999 on 10/15/2007
I love character lists! Thanks ever so much!

Psst - any chance we can get one for Elf???

Author Reply: It's coming, it's coming. Sheesh! give me a break will you? *grin*

AlquawendeReviewed Chapter: 999999 on 10/15/2007
In the character list for the followers of Melkor you have Urushebeth. In his info you say that he is brother to Ilsinor.

Author Reply: Thanks. I didn't see that. I'll make the correction.

Nieriel RainaReviewed Chapter: 999999 on 10/15/2007
Apparently we don't get alerts for author's notes. How sad!

OH cool! A character list! I keep a running one myself for several of my stories, but rarely share them. I'm so glad you did! Because, now, I am confusedated. (yes, twist the English language whenever an English teacher is around *grin*) Olorin...he has been introduced in EI as belonging to both Manwe and Namo, or am I assuming he belonged to Namo due to his work with the Reborn. And what about Irmo? Doesn't the Sil say he was one of Irmo's people? Yes, very confusedated.

Thanks for sharing this! Very interesting....


Author Reply: In the "Silmarillion" it is said only that Olórin "dwelt in Lórien but his ways took him often to the house of Nienna, and of her he learned pity and patience". [Valaquenta]. In "Unfinished Tales", however, when the Valar are recommending who will go to Middle-earth as Istari, the Valar offer their own people as candidates. Manwë, not Irmo, asks for Olórin and requests that he be sent as one of the Istari. For that reason, I have him listed under Manwë and Varda. I think, however, he gravitated to other Valar, taking service with them for a time, and learning from them. Which is probably why the Valaquenta states that Olórin was the wisest of the Maiar. I have used this approach in my story "Elf Interrupted", where Olórin serves Námo, though not exclusively. Probably not strictly canon, but there's very little information on which one can hang one's hat. *grin* Does this unconfusedate you or just make it worse?

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