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Thunder & Lightning  by Lady Bluejay 68 Review(s)
Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 14 on 9/24/2013
What a lovely surprise for Lothiriel! I've much enjoyed this story and am sorry it is over.Hope you will write more soon. Thank you for a great read.

Author Reply: Great you enjoyed. Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing. Some shorter pieces on the way.LBJ

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 14 on 9/24/2013
A perfect surprise. Glad they came the short way--had wondered why Lothiriel's party hadn't, actually! Alphros sounds wonderful! And it's been such a satisfying tale!

Author Reply: I thought there had not been time to open the way under the mountain so it worked rather well for my surprise. Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing. LBJ

AnaReviewed Chapter: 14 on 9/17/2013
"A ghostly castle returned from the depths of time".

"eerie silence as the captain crept his ship forward"

"like an army given the order to retreat"

Simply beautiful.

You really love the sea.

I live in La Coruña, the northern-west coast of Spain. I can´t conceive life without the sea, sometimes temperamental, sometimes soothing.

Of course such a tempting Horse-lord would convince anyone, but I have always had the feeling that Lothíriel was a prize for the brave and honourable Rohír, but what about her? Would love be enough after the years?

Such a beautiful castle by the sea, ships, dolphins, lovely weather, riding along the beach...

Lovely story.

Author Reply: Yes, I do love the sea. And until a year ago we had a sailing yacht. I haven't sailed in your area but my husband has been past that way a couple of times. The sea near me is tame in comparison. Anyway, glad you enjoyed, thanks for reviewing. LBJ

UTfrogReviewed Chapter: 14 on 9/16/2013
Yea! A happy ending. Great story, too. Thanks

Author Reply: Thanks - I like happy endings. LBJ

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 13 on 9/6/2013
A most enjoyable chapter. They are truly meant for one another.

Author Reply: Thank you. Tolkien must have known what he was doing!LBJ

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 13 on 8/26/2013
Alas that the betrothal between Faramir and Eowyn must be extended in such a manner! But they will have many years of joy with one another, after all. And the frustration with one another is over between Lothiriel and Eomer, and that definitely will be to the good.

Author Reply: I thinks Eomer's frustration will depend on how long he has to wait.Perhaps I will be kind to him. Thanks a lot for reviewing. LBJ

curiouswombatReviewed Chapter: 13 on 8/25/2013
It is always so good to see the two of them get together. But how cruel to poor Éowyn that Faramir insists they marry according to his traditions rather than hers! :)

Author Reply: That's the trouble with those Gondorians - too regimented by half. LoL Thanks a lot for reviewing. LBJ

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 12 on 8/22/2013
I can see how at home in Rohan Lothiriel now is. Eomer will know taking the mead cup from her is significant.I hope they can declare their feelings for one another. A most enjoyable chapter.

Author Reply: It's about time they faced the truth, I feel. Thanks for reviewing. LBJ

AnaReviewed Chapter: 12 on 8/22/2013

Enjoying the last chapters very much.

I hope you won´t end your story without telling us why were the brigands heading North.

Who was hiring them?

A very interesting prospect.

Waiting eagerly to have Éomer´s P.O.V.

Author Reply: I was hoping that readers would guess they were heading for the 'scouring of the shire.' As to who was hiring them - well it was obviously originally initiated by Saruman.

Eomer's pov? You will hear from him but not directly.

Glad you are enjoying, thanks a lot for reviewing. LBJ

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 12 on 8/13/2013
At last she is beginning to think more clearly, and her mother's advice is as good as she'd hoped for. Good to see that she is willing to listen this time, and that she knows her heart better.

Author Reply: Hopefully they will sort it all out in the last chapter - I would hate to leave them unhappy.

Thanks a lot for reviewing. LBJ

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