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Elf Academy 3: The Enemy Within  by Fiondil 2008 Review(s)
EsteldŽ TincalimaReviewed Chapter: 120 on 3/13/2016
I've just finished all three books of Elf Academy, and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on what an incredible impact Fiondil made on the Tolkien fandom, and also what an amazing legacy he has left behind. These stories that he has written are comparable to none, and will forever remain dear to me. I wish I could have spoken directly to you, Fiondil, but know this: I bow to your incredible devotion to the world of Arda. There are a few people that I aspire to emulate in this world, but you rank among them. Rest in peace, Fiondil. Valar valuvar.


DODOReviewed Chapter: 120 on 12/8/2015
The first Christmas approaches since Fiondil went off to finally meet his favorite Vala (whatever form or name he/she/it currently prefers). Since "all times are soon" for the Valar, they are probably still chatting.
I just finished re-reading "Christmas at Edhellond" (I love the series) and started to wonder about the brave souls, who tackled the task to finish Elf academy 4". May be there is a Christmas surprise? One can only hope!

Happy holidays everyone,


Panzer 71Reviewed Chapter: 120 on 8/24/2015
My heart sank tonight from learning of Fiondil's passing. Two stories he wrote ,The Wars of the Valar and In Darkness Bound actually helped me see The Silmarillion in ways I myself could not have imagined. Thank you Fiondil. I believe you Tolkien would be satisfied that he said more will be written by " other hands".

I have not been to SoA since Christmas 2014. Watching the final Hobbit movie on HBO tonight prompted me to visit. Fiondil was the first author I checked to see what was new. My heart felt condolences to his friends here at Stories of Arda . I believe he was loved by many. May his stories carry his love of Middle Earth to many new fans. I used to get frustrated waiting for new chapters to stories I now love and will re-read the same as I do with the Silmarillion. I would give anything to be waiting for the next installment of his stories but non will come. Rest in peace Fiondil,you will be missed.

TariReviewed Chapter: 120 on 3/11/2015
I can't believe this is the end. I feel like I've been left hanging. Will there be another sequel? I really miss your postings and don't know what to read next.

DirewolfyReviewed Chapter: 120 on 3/10/2015

Being notoriously bad with cliffhangers, I convinced myself to stay away for long enough that I could read the rest of the story in one go. So I have spent last couple of days catching up in blissful oblivion, while mentally composing a nice long review on every tiny detail that caught my fancy. There was a lot I wanted to say, but staring at the screen now, I can't seem to remember a single word. How can a virtual space suddenly feel so cold and empty?

Fiondil, I was only a reader and reviewer here for a short time and nowhere near as diligent one as you deserved. All I knew of you was an internet nickname, yet I felt I understood you by your writings, by the intelligence and humour that shone through your words, by the love and compassion you had even for the most miserable of your characters.
I couldn't bring myself to mention it at the time, but your stories and kind responses supported me through a very rough patch last year. When I think of you, I think of a cliff-house flooded in sunlight, of the Valar playing hide-and-seek between the stars and I feel better already. I can only regret that I didn't say any of those things sooner.

Namárië, hir Fiondil. May you find happiness on the other side.

KathyGReviewed Chapter: 120 on 3/6/2015
Fiondil would very much appreciate your review, GaiaCaecilia, if he were here to read it. Unfortunately, with the exception of "Elf Academy 4"--which we all hope is finished!--there will be no more additions to Fiondil's "fan-verse." He died last month, before he had a chance to finish posting the story. His beta-readers have since finished posting it for him, and they're going to post his "Elf Academy 4" when it's ready.

Here's his online obituary:

GaiaCaeciliaReviewed Chapter: 120 on 3/6/2015
I absolutely love you're stories, they're fantastically well written and I love the level of research and knowledge behind them (I particularly enjoy the language bits - I'm not good at languages but I do love studying them). Granted, there have been several heart stopping moments in them as well, and I think it's a testament to the quality of the writing that I often am practically biting my knuckles in anticipation of what is going to happen next and similar reactions as I read (though the scene with the maia with popcorn and lemonade had me nearly with tears of laughter streaming down my face and I'm going to torture a number of my friend with that crack about the trilingual, bilingual etc.).
I was also particularly interesting to read the bits about the SCA - I'm part of a British re-enactment group that is obsessively authentic (regia anglorum) and until I read this all I had heard of them was, to put it delicately, disparaging. I do remember some of them laughing when someone found out they recommend reading our authenticity regs for people who want to do our time period. I don't think some of the group understood why they'd bother considering the title 'creative anachronism'. It's nice to see a rather more positive and frankly informative showing for the SCA. It, to be honest, doesn't sound all that different from my lot bar the fact we stick to a rather narrower time period with less of the fantasy element, which is easier in a place with an original castle within easy travelling distance. I suppose I could say history is a lot closer for us, though goodness knows our groups do have their own fantasies - being from the only ethnically Norman group in a primarily Saxon organisation shows that.
Anyway I shall stop rambling now, suffice to say I very much enjoy your stories and look forward to any additions to this 'fanverse' for a lack of a better description.


Crystalline EntityReviewed Chapter: 120 on 2/27/2015
Very sad to see the news. I've been a fan of Fiondil's stories for a while now - this one didn't end how I expected, but it was still great.

Like a previous reviewer, I'd never really thought much of the Valar (apart from "isolated angelic beings") until I read Fiondil's writing.

I think my biggest regret is that I never reviewed anything whilst he was with us to read it. Lesson learned, I hope.

MikoNoNyteReviewed Chapter: 120 on 2/25/2015
Having finally caught up, I am of two minds here.

The story, while not satisfying because there is so much yet not covered - a story for another time - it is also final in that the Valinoreans have sailed away. (Sorry, could not resist the pun) The initial confusion over alleged meetings (which seemed rather confusing at first) followed by a more directed conversation carried the story to its ending. I do wonder what plans Brother Fiondil had for this in EA4!

The finale with HelyanwŽ did not surprise me; it did sadden though as she *could* have done so much better than she did, especially after being offered so many chances. I suppose not everyone was as willing initially and perhaps the Strangeness of Middle-earth was too much for her. Pity. It leaves Glorfindel out in the cold yet again and while this might not be a bad thing in his mind, the romantic in me disagrees! :)

To Alassiel and Ellie I want to say a heart warming THANK YOU for all your previous hard work for our beloved Fiondil and a Blessed Be for all that you continue to do for his readers, Tolkien fandom in general and in his memory especially. I'm going to miss reading these and yes, Fiondil has a permanent file on my Kindle.

As to you, Brother Fiondil, (and you could have been as you were only 2 years younger) Sail well, and mayhap we'll meet on the other side.

KathyGReviewed Chapter: 120 on 2/24/2015
I have a question for Fiondil's betas: did he have a chance to finish writing Elf Academy 4 before he died? Or did his death cut the writing of that story short? If it was finished, have you betas been able to get copies of the entire story? I hope it can be posted in its entirety, if it was completed.

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