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Elf Academy 3: The Enemy Within  by Fiondil
Having survived the turmoil of the previous year, the Elves and their Mortal friends look forward to a New Year with hope and anticipation, but all is not rosy and many challenges still lie ahead. As always, many thanks to my beta-moms, Alassiel and Ellie.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Finrod’s First Day at Work20
Chapter  2: Conversations11
Chapter  3: New Year’s Eve13
Chapter  4: Into the Woods14
Chapter  5: Discussions19
Chapter  6: Finrod on His Own9
Chapter  7: The Rest of the Week11
Chapter  8: Dinner with Parents13
Chapter  9: Revelations14
Chapter 10: Concerning Alex and other Matters12
Chapter 11: Personality Testing15
Chapter 12: “What’s Your Type?”13
Chapter 13: Culture Shock of a Dark Nature19
Chapter 14: The Wiseman Intelligence Agency Meets15
Chapter 15: What Happens in Edhellond Stays in Edhellond12
Chapter 16: Zombie Hunter Boot Camp and Other Money Makers While Waiting for the Apocalypse19
Chapter 17: A Conversation Overheard13
Chapter 18: Setting the Bait12
Chapter 19: The Housewarming Party22
Chapter 20: Chatting with Manwë16
Chapter 21: Finrod Gets Religion15
Chapter 22: Coffeecake and Conversation14
Chapter 23: Further Conversations12
Chapter 24: Domino Effect16
Chapter 25: The Dominoes Fall25
Chapter 26: Rescuing Elves17
Chapter 27: Analysis13
Chapter 28: Fanning the Flames18
Chapter 29: Elves in Distress23
Chapter 30: The Scene from Glorfindel’s Perspective17
Chapter 31: Vorondur Loses His Cool27
Chapter 32: Vorondur’s Very Bad Day17
Chapter 33: A Quiet Evening16
Chapter 34: The Situation at Edhellond22
Chapter 35: An Interlude with Glorfindel23
Chapter 36: What the Twins and Serindë Get Up To24
Chapter 37: Gwaith-en-Angbor24
Chapter 38: Meeting the Locals12
Chapter 39: Joining the SCA14
Chapter 40: Meanwhile, Back in Wiseman…14
Chapter 41: The Road to Fairbanks16
Chapter 42: In Fairbanks19
Chapter 43: The King and the Baroness 14
Chapter 44: A Baronial Feast16
Chapter 45: Return to Wiseman14
Chapter 46: Resolutions12
Chapter 47: Alex in Wonderland22
Chapter 48: Bad News16
Chapter 49: Council of War18
Chapter 50: Unexpected Meetings18
Chapter 51: At the Gold Nugget Café25
Chapter 52: At Edhellond13
Chapter 53: Conference Call14
Chapter 54: The Next Morning16
Chapter 55: Haunted Memory17
Chapter 56: Words of Comfort from a Reborn18
Chapter 57: A Meeting of Done Been Dead Dudes Anonymous13
Chapter 58: Dinner Conversations 12
Chapter 59: Saturday Morning13
Chapter 60: Saturday Evening15
Chapter 61: After the Concert 13
Chapter 62: Midnight Conversations with the ap Hywel Brothers14
Chapter 63: Fight Practice14
Chapter 64: Back in the Thick of Things13
Chapter 65: Counseling Session13
Chapter 66: Valentine’s Day18
Chapter 67: Showdown at Winterdark Tarn16
Chapter 68: Interlude with Atar 19
Chapter 69: Rescue Operation15
Chapter 70: Aftermath15
Chapter 71: Awakenings19
Chapter 72: Recovery13
Chapter 73: Confession14
Chapter 74: Dinner at Edhellond13
Chapter 75: Gareth18
Chapter 76: Decisions18
Chapter 77: Gareth Receives an Education14
Chapter 78: Gareth Confesses14
Chapter 79: A Change of Plans19
Chapter 80: Prince Legolas Decides 18
Chapter 81: Job Interview21
Chapter 82: Liam Prince, WPD21
Chapter 83: New News24
Chapter 84: Council Meeting and a Conversation17
Chapter 85: Prince Legolas’ First Day15
Chapter 86: Discussions on Coping with the Mortal World13
Chapter 87: A Meeting in the Woods16
Chapter 88: Besieged22
Chapter 89: Afterwards16
Chapter 90: The Auction18
Chapter 91: Finrod Behind the Wheel22
Chapter 92: Countdown to a Wedding17
Chapter 93: Meeting the ap Hywels27
Chapter 94: Family Ties18
Chapter 95: The Ride to Wiseman18
Chapter 96: Surprises21
Chapter 97: Close Encounters of the Mortal Kind18
Chapter 98: Getting Reacquainted18
Chapter 99: Elrond in Oz19
Chapter 100: Crisis in ICU16
Chapter 101: Dancing the Night Away17
Chapter 102: Conversations in the Library18
Chapter 103: The Wisdom of Vorondur 12
Chapter 104: Descent into Darkness14
Chapter 105: Finrod Gives a Tour14
Chapter 106: The Tour Continues13
Chapter 107: Dinner Party14
Chapter 108: Wedding Day13
Chapter 109: Wedding Reception16
Chapter 110: Sunday Discussions14
Chapter 111: Realizations10
Chapter 112: Confrontations21
Chapter 113: Election Day7
Chapter 114: Waiting for Results48
Chapter 115: After the Election18
Chapter 116: Reactions17
Chapter 117: The Attack on Elf Academy17
Chapter 118: Breakfast at the Encampment17
Chapter 119: Summit Meeting13
Chapter 120: Farewells32

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